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  1. I have not had any issues with Google Now on either - try wiping data for the search app?
  2. Need some help please people On beta10 can you all try play store web on both GPE and Sense as well as Android Device Manager on both roms too. Does it work on both roms? One? or neither?
  3. Just to point out Paul does all the hard work - I am just the 'crash test dummy'.
  4. Did you not read the post that is literally the post above yours?
  5. beta 9 plus fixes for calendar sync, maps, chrome - and some play store errors caused by the clash of two different OS versions.
  6. For all you flashing to beta 10 If you lose your status bar etc in GPE then there is an adb command (has to be run from recovery) boot to GPe mode reboot to recovery run 'adb shell rm -r /data/data/com.android.systemui' reboot If you have random google errors - e.g. apps not showing in Play Store Remove and re-add your Google Account
  7. Xposed and 4.3 don't work currently, certainly not with switch anyway.
  8. Paul posted an adb command to fix the no status bar issue.
  9. Paul posted an adb command to fix the no status bar issue.
  10. After some debugging from yesterdays build (which has caused me all sorts of problems.... I mean joy!) Paul might be dropping an update to you all soon ;-)
  11. And if anyone is experiencing random errors in the play store they look to be Google server errors and nothing to do with SWITCH. (other than the sdk error mentioned above)
  12. yes we know about this one, it will be fixed in the next update (basically 4.3 uses a different APK to pre-4.3 versions)
  13. it's a bootloop not a brick - not sure what would have caused it, beta 9 shouldn't do on it's own - did you try to use xposed or anything? to fix hold power and volume down then get back to recovery and restore a backup or reflash the rom.
  14. Don't flash that - Paul will provide a new SWITCH safe one soon.
  15. Please also note, you won't have root for the time being in 4.3
  16. Anyone who flashes beta 9 please check the following: Google account sync status - are there any errors on the gpe side? Persistent Notifications that you have disabled - are these persisting on one side and not the other? Please note: xposed will not work on 4.3 for the time being.
  17. Just the way you were saying 4G as if it were special, only usually people with US variants do that in my experience, sorry. You will be fine to flash SWITCH on that model - nothing will break even LTE would work if you wanted it to. Plus I wasn't aware you had EU models over there - I thought it was Asian or US - thanks for the info.
  18. You are incorrectly identifying your device - saying it is "4G" is not enough - my european phone is 4G but it is not the same as your US 4G one. Go to the bootloader screen and show us what your device type is. Mine is "M7_UL" which is the LTE variant in europe.
  19. Sorry, I had to check! Right in which case I am not sure what is happening - is it just rebooting back into sense when you try to switch? I know you wanted to avoid a reflash but you might need to - you could try it without a wipe (flash everything but don't flash s-on), you will keep all data except your accounts which will be wiped when you do the first switch to GPE - so data loss is minimal. See if that works. If that still causes issues you may have to try a full wipe.
  20. have you made sure fastboot is off in menu > settings > power?
  21. Delete /data/SWITCH/son or /system/SWITCH/son whichever it is, I have never used son so I forget where it is placed - but it is that simple.
  22. Ok can you try the three finger gesture to launch speak mode. Then see if bootloops on a reboot?
  23. I need some help diagnosing a possible issue Please take a nandroid before attempting! 1) Open up "car mode" in the sense rom, then hit "Speak" - what happens? does it say "please wait" forever or does the mode actually load? 2) exit speak and car mode (regardless of outcome of end of step 1) and do a normal reboot (not a switch) - does it bootloop? Anyone who has a working speak mode and no bootloop please confirm the following a) How are your contacts saved? google account? b ) Do you use Google Play Music? Or do you have any music on the device visible in the stock HTC Music app? Please help - I am hoping this is not a larger issue, if it is we will have to look into it for a future beta. If you did get a bootloop just reboot into recovery (hold power and volume down) and restore your nandroid - and be sure not to open speak mode again!
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