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  1. And you will have to do this each time the app is updated.
  2. It's faster without recovery as the recovery process takes longer to flash. So recovery + fastboot is still slower than using neither.
  3. Yes he will be, I already posted that he would be.
  4. Only if S-On as recovery flashes the files. If s-off it doesn't reboot properly to run the script it needs to.
  5. You will have to wait for a newer version of SWITCH to be released, which should be some time next week once Paul is back from his jolly holidays.
  6. Paul will disable the stock OTA feature in future releases anyway.
  7. Press it, it won't install the update anyway so you have nothing to worry about.
  8. oh weird, thanks for the confirmation - I guess it does just give the OTA notification when using SWITCH then.
  9. Has anyone had a proper look into how Bluetooth functions after a switch? I seem to be having issues when paired with one rom it is still listed as paired with the other, but never connects (you have to un-pair and re-pair?)
  10. As far as I am aware it should only be giving you OTA notifications for the GPE rom if you are running the GPE firmware (i.e. more than just the rom)
  11. Ignore it, trying to install it won't work anyway, the update will fail and everything will continue as normal. What rom was you on before flashing switch? Sense?
  12. I have it place copy notifications in the notifications bar, I then use that to paste the required information into the apps. I don't use Key Ring (nor know what that is) but I have not had any issues with the apps I do use it with, which is a lot of things.
  13. there will certainly be at least one more that includes GPE 4.3 - as for other updates, it will have to wait to see if Paul decides to add new features or fix any of the remaining issues people have been having. Chances are 4.3 might break some new things, which will in turn need new fixes (SU and xposed spring to mind).
  14. - SMS and call logs are not shared - Sense weather stops auto-updating after a swtich (have to turn it back on) - Possible problems with calendar sync (although I have not had this myself) - Exchange email issues I think that is it, from the top of my head.
  15. Installation instructions remain the same. However I am not entirely sure if the Google Play edition has been partitioned differently, or if it has the same radio frequencies that this rom supports?
  16. I use lastpass a hundred times a day not had a single issue on the GE rom, or any other rom....
  17. works on newer firmware, I was the one who tested it before flyhalf published it.
  18. That is for your own protection, if the device was to run out of power mid flash the phone could be bricked for good, that is why CWM has a 15% limit. However, I am not sure if TWRP (the recommended recovery) has the same battery limits. further, if you were to be s-off SWITCH doesn't flash via recovery so you would not get this warning whatever your recovery was.
  19. Open up SuperSU and update the binary via the 'normal' method
  20. I am intrigued as to why it is offering you the OTA? Do you have an official gpe phone? Or was you on a gpe rom before switch?
  21. On the gpe rom? It gave you notification of the update? Anyway no, it will break switch (not that it would flash anyway, I expect it would error)
  22. I would imagine it will be a no wipe update but I can't say for sure, changing os versions is never an exact science.
  23. Just to remind you all Paul will be updating switch to include 4.3 when he is back from his holiday, so don't expect it for another week or so.
  24. 4.3 gpe is out now, all we need is Paul back from his holiday
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