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  1. yes works fine for me, you have to get the timing correct.
  2. You have to actually s-off the device - you are not s-off simply because you chose not to use the Switch s-on .zip.....
  3. Android has had this since way before jellybean Press power and volume down at the same time.
  4. Thanks - I was close, considering I am s-off and never had to touch the s-on file ;-)
  5. There is one file to remove which I can't remember exactly where its located, it might be /system/SWITCH/son/ or something similar - delete that and you can use s-off fine open up the s-on.zip to see the exact location of where it is installed.
  6. In theory you can flash these mods and they will work fine but you will have to be booted in the correct rom before flashing - or better yet, modify the updater script of the mod to flash to the correct locations e.g if files go to /system/: /system/SWITCH/sense/ or /system/SWITCH/gpe instead of just /system/ as for APM you would be better off using Xposed and Modaco Toolkit for that - Xposed mods are not rom specific, they rarely need updating for new rom versions and just 'work' without modifying any files.
  7. You can also find app_process by installing it (via Xposed settings) then going to /system/bin - cut it from there and past it in /system/SWITCH/(sense/gpe)/bin Make sure you paste it in the rom you are booted in, you can't paste it in the one you are not booted in!. Switch and do the same thing for the other - switch again and make sure it sticks.
  8. They are both completely stock roms. Switch only effects battery in the sense that you have to 'reboot' to switch and rebooting on any rom takes a bit of power. Paul is opening it up to devs so in the future you will probably be able to select your own two roms, but for now (this is a beta afteral) you have to use the two stock roms provided. You can use Root + Xposed to modify most things.
  9. That is a question only paul can answer (and he is on holiday) - but what I can tell you is Paul plans to open this up to all devs so any Sprint One Rom maker could make a rom that works with Switch, if Paul doesn't do an official port himself that is.
  10. The OTA app is not meant to be on the GE side, it's to stop you flashing things while booted in GE which breaks stuff ;-)
  11. Technically, yes - root is applied separately, at your choice - but you do have to unlock your bootloader which can void your warranty but won't stop apps working. I am with Natwest and they don't have so many silly rules, I assume you are with Barclays who are needlessly adding silly root protection? Anyway, if you don't flash the root.zip then I don't see that you will have issues. It won't update automatically (like you would expect if the phone was brand new out of a box) but I am certain Paul will push an update for us to manually apply giving us 4.3. Theoretically it is possible to have one of the two roms rooted and the other not, this might be enough for you to use the banking app when say booted to sense but enjoy root when booted to GE.
  12. no boot can take a while - I thought I had bootlooped a few times yesterday only to find it actually did boot eventually (I didn't have adb available so I could not logcat to see if it was actually looping)
  13. He means edit the updater script so that the kernel installs to the correct location (Switch means it installs to a slightly different place than it would normally do so)
  14. as in it bootloops? No, what options did you select to make it do that?
  15. Try flashing beta 1 and 8 and root again without a wipe (you will have to add your accounts back) - see if that helps, if not you will have to try a full wipe.
  16. are you s-on? if so try to flash the s-on.zip (even if you already have)
  17. make sure fast boot has not enabled itself in menu > settings > power
  18. can't be helped though - he is trying to find a good solution for root on 4.3 as google have made a lot of changes in that department.
  19. At this moment it is not really possible to use Sense apps in GPE as a lot of the framework files that those apps require are missing - Paul has said he will work on a 'best of both' rom in the future - this will be one rom not a switch that combines all the bits you want from each rom type. as for the app your having problems with, does that app work on a nexus device or stock GE outside of switch? - We need to know this before we can really start to diagnose the issue.
  20. What happens when on that final screen you press "normal" rather than CWM? does it not update? You should only have to do it once - but remember chainfire has been updating the binary quite often the last few weeks so it might just be that there is actually a new update rather than it asking you to install the same one over and over. You will have to update the binary once in each rom you are in.
  21. Messenger (as in SMS) is an independant app on both roms, if you are doing something that alters the behaviour of one, you will have to redo it on the other too. My guess is you will have to silo (exclude) tweetifications then set it up separately on both roms, although if you just used the stock twitter app you wouldn't need to use an app like that anyway....
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