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  1. It won't brick the device it will just needlessly make you boot to recovery to manually flash a file (I say manually... it does it itself, but its not just like running a script) when you try to SWITCH. If you are s-off don't flash it.
  2. Carriers can always detect when you are tethering, it is then up to them if they decide to punish you for it or not - if you are doing a lot of tethering its probably best to consider adding it to your plan (if that is an option!)
  3. Most of the ones in the HTC One section, no others.
  4. Most of the ones in the HTC One section, no others.
  5. Are you sure you are doing a factory reset in recovery before flashing beta 1 then beta 8 then S-ON?
  6. Modaco Xposed toolkit is all I am currently using, had no issues.
  7. It might work to pass that device check, but it may not pass the root check - Sky check everything under the sun, including modified recovery partitions etc, it is virtually impossible to work around.
  8. Not supported on what rom? The HTC One is a supported device and 4.2.2 is a supported android OS, it should work - although it might fail one of the many many root checks that it does (it checks for a heck of a lot more than just the root apk and binaries).
  9. When SuperSU asks you to update the binary elect to do it the "normal" way - not via recovery. As for your other question, that message only appears if you are s-on and using CWM recovery, to avoid that message switch to TWRP recovery. But if you elect to stick with CWM, then just press yes to that question, stock recovery will not be flashed.
  10. Paul is on holiday and won't be back for 2 weeks - so no beta 9 until sometime after he returns. He is unlikely to ever give ETA's even if he was here.
  11. Are you s-on or off? You need to be doing this - boot to recovery - wipe data/factory reset - flash beta 1 - flash beta 8 (- flash s-on) (- flash root) - boot - skip through set-up and turn off fast boot - switch - when in GPE run the setup and add your accounts - switch back to sense when you are ready.
  12. Like descenpet said, you need to tell us what you have tried before we can help you...
  13. Not as the rom stands, it would need modification or maybe an xposed mod to enable that.
  14. Try logging in and out of your Google account again. Or delete orphaned data in /data/data
  15. Did you wipe before flashing? Did you turn off fast boot? Check the md5 of your beta 1 file. Are you S-ON? Did you flash S-On.zip What recovery are you using?
  16. That is how S-On has yo work. If you install TWRP recovery in the won't ask silly questions when you switch.
  17. You downloaded the files from the links Paul provided the chances of tampering are slim to none, so the only real issue is if your file is corrupt, and if it was recovery would most likely refuse to flash it anyway. So please stop worrying
  18. I am s-off so I don't have that to tell you, all I could do is download and tell you what I get but that is not much use to you really. They won't do anything bad if they are wrong, the one you want to make sure is right it beta 1.
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