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  1. Check now I posted a screenshot with my md5 (sorry on phone could not paste it as text)
  2. Last time I checked all the md5s were correct, but I don't think I checked when it was updated to beta 8. Risk it ;-) (or wait a few secs and I will tell you the md5 of my file that was fine) Edit: md5 on this pic https://copy.com/gWmKU
  3. to be fair you never actually explained what your issue was...you never said it was an exchange account, or really even suggested it was anything other than Google based. I can only try to support based on the info I am given.
  4. exchange might be down to some encryption issues?
  5. Did you wipe before flashing? If not try a wipe Are you s-on? If so did you flash the s-on package? Failing everything then just try flashing beta 1, beta 8, root, s-on (if you need it) again.
  6. well no one else has had this issue so..... From what side are you adding the account? What apps are you using?
  7. no one else has reported this issue so I think we might have to assume its just you - after-al we have been pretty extensively testing this for quite a while now.
  8. try adding exclusions for those apps (well calendar if you sync with google?) email might not be a good idea.
  9. I don't think he meant that, CWM asks other silly questions too.
  10. flashing the rom doesn't wipe anything, it will only wipe if you tell it to wipe in recovery - so just don't tell it to wipe your sd. but if you are worried back it up anyway.
  11. read through all the pages of this topic and you will know everything you need to know
  12. is that what CWM is telling you? Update to TWRP and it doesn't ask silly questions! (anyway, yes continue)
  13. you can't 'flash' it - you have to install the kernel manually for each rom (and not all custom kernels will support SWITCH) - adb commands are earlier in this thread.
  14. No at the moment you get Stock Sense and Stock GE.
  15. yes you can do that, but you would have to flash the OTA files manually (SWITCH OTA). If you are planning on taking official HTC OTA's then your out of luck, a) they won't flash as files won't match properly and b ) if you did manage to get it to flash, which it won't, it would break SWITCH.
  16. no it needs to use a custom recovery to flash them
  17. You can - but if things don't seem right then do a wipe and fresh install before moaning about it on here ;-) Support for custom roms are coming in the future, this is still a beta remember!
  18. I urge anyone new, or anyone already using SWITCH to consider donating to the indigogo project even if you don't have an S4.
  19. If you wipe data the phone is just like it is out the box (except your sdcard) you lose all your data unless you back it up first.
  20. Just wipe data is fine. Yes if you are S-ON it has to boot to recovery on a switch Play store should work fine, it must have been a one off error for you.
  21. Even if I was more asleep than awake when I helped. Lol
  22. Go back to recovery and this time select wipe/factory reset before you flash beta 1 and 8 and S-ON and root.
  23. It's stock gpe, long press home doesn't function as menu! It's not meant to.
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