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  1. It's not advisable to install switch over the top of the sense 4.3 rom without a wipe!
  2. Google's stock launcher doesn't have an edit screen you just have to make use of what you have or use another launcher like nova.
  3. Paul is looking into it but we are struggling to reproduce any of the issues people are describing. The only one we could re-produce was the failing to switch, which was a super-su issue and has now been fixed. For those with bootloop issues all we can suggest for now is to try a full wipe and do not alter or restore any system files and see if you are still bootlooping then.
  4. Boot to recovery - hold power and volume down to turn phone off and again to boot to bootloader, select recovery Wipe and reflash beta 12 - or any other rom A brick means it is a hardware issue and is unrecoverable, you won't be bricked from using SWITCH.
  5. It always works, it is hard wired into all android devices. Holding power down will turn off the device - you then release the button and hold again with volume down and it will boot to bootloader.
  6. Glad you had it fixed - how old was the kid, not easy to locate developer options and turn them on, you might want to see if he turned others on as there are some that can cause damage to your phone (as in lower battery life, increase chances of screen-burn etc).
  7. I have done maybe my 4th or 5th switch since flashing the b12 version that went out OTA to you lot and it no longer boots to gpe (just goes back to sense). Anyone else had similar issues? Paul will be looking into it soon - seems a bit odd as it was working fine the first 3-4 times I switched.
  8. when did it bootloop? first boot or after a switch? Are you certain its bootlooping, boots can take a while sometimes.
  9. Are you not using Sense launcher? you set the shortcuts that appear on the lockscreen there, they are the same that is in the launcher dock - they are working fine for me on beta 12 (and all previous betas). Power Saver mode also works, I am using it this very second, in sense via the notification bar.
  10. Paul and I tested 12 for quite a while before it was released and despite finding bugs (that were then fixed) we didn't experience any of the issues you have all been describing. Further there is a full beta 12 build in post 1 now so you no longer have to flash beta 1-11 you can just flash the full beta 12. If flashing the beta 12 ota never flash it more than once.
  11. Google servers having issues meaning play store gives off lots of random errors
  12. Flashing beta 11 will remove root you have to reapply. You already know how to fix the status bar issue - beta 12 has a workaround for that. Market is playing up at the moment, don't assume it's the Rom.
  13. Sorry - as Paul said testing is underway but my /data/media/ partition corrupted slowing my testing down - THIS WAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ROM OR THE UPDATE! Back up and running now.
  14. I used zoe loads yesterday without any issues, what exactly are the problems you noticed?
  15. The leak is not leaked yet - all we have so far is a custom rom made using the leak not a full base, that comes next week.
  16. Its a tricky one as if you already have corrupt data (if that is indeed the cause of your issues) it is difficult to know what is actually corrupt to make sure you don't back that up (might be a certain message, or temp file etc). I have always used mybackup pro for sms messages and never had an issue - I didn't like the way titanium or other apps backed up sms - caused too many problems.
  17. When you set up did you restore any sms from a backup or settings that may have included sms settings? - if these corrupted at all it can cause the duplicate message issue you described.
  18. No I said the new hboot is not easily s-off'd - you can't even do it without additional hardware from what I can tell. On the older hboots you can s-off without root.
  19. You can s-off without root but you cannot s-off (easily) the new hboot
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