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  1. Just an FYI if you install the beta then factory reset, you will not have the beta app and be unable to reinstall it.  I was unable to identify why, and have emailed Huawei about it (as I cannot use the app to report the bug....).  But thought I would share all that with you on here.

    Everything else appears to be working perfectly after the factory reset though, so all in all it wasn't a bad move to make, except for the lack of beta app.

    Remember though, there is always a chance that whatever is causing the beta app to not install might prevent other apps from not installing too, just not any of the apps I have tried.

  2. 4 hours ago, leeacashman said:

    Hi Paul,

    I've just attempted to install the ROM. I'm coming from Android 6.0 with the 330 build so all good there I think! 

    The phone has restarted, shown the animated 'Honor' logo, and is now just showing the white Honor logo on the black background. It's been like this for approximately 15 minutes. I know you mentioned first boot can take a while - is this normal mate?




    Well by now your post is 4 hours old so hopefully something happened.


    The phone can take around 20-25 minutes on first boot, any longer than that and something might be wrong, but it should all work fine so long as you were on a 330 rom to start with, which you say you were.

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  3. hi all,i'm a bit noob :3 can u answer to my questions please?

    1) Do i need to unlock/root/S-off  my htc One for this ROM??

    2) if i install this ROM,will i be able to receive any updates via OTA for sense partition and the other one like now?

    3) how can i do a complete backup for restoring my datas after the installation of this ROM?

    Thanks :)

    1) you just need a custom recovery image installed - TWRP is recommended, to do this you need to be unlocked (bootloader unlocked, not sim unlocked)


    2) OTA's will not work, you get notifications but the installation will fail.


    3) there are many backup options such as Helium or Titanium Backup - look in the play store for those two apps.

  4. Beta 13 comes with a 4.3 GPE side already - there is a small OTA update to that GPE rom that is yet to be included, this is the OTA notification you have been getting - it will fail to install even if you tried to do it.

    Paul will be providing updates in the future, I do not know when - for a while his life involved around SWITCH and he had no time (aside from his vacation) to do anything other than SWITCH, I assume he is just catching up with other work - this, after-al is his full time job and he has commitments he has to meet so SWITCH has had to take a back seat for the time being.

  5. Can you elaborate a little ?? The only way to control NFC is through SETUP. I have it enabled which is the ONLY setting.

    I cannot detect anything and other NFC devices cannot detect me.

    NFC was working on the stock ROM so I know the phone is capable of NFC.

    Yes you enable NFC in the settings and then it should work - the sensor is just under the camera on the HTC One.

    If it is still not working for you then you will have to try a full wipe and re-flash as there is no reason why NFC will not work with SWITCH (like I said before, I personally tested it on all versions and use it every day).

    You will never have an NFC icon on your notification bar whilst using SWITCH (or most generic stock, or custom roms).

  6. I am running Beta 13. Google edition works great, but I'm unable to switch back into Sense edition. When I try, the phone reboots, runs a script in TWRP, then hangs on the white HTC One boot screen. I finally gave up and restored from a backup, which restarted in Google edition. I've got device info and logcat if you're interested. I'd appreciate any help you can offer.

    yes, please post what you have.

  7. I've completely installed MoDaCo switch Beta 13 and I am really enjoying it.

    I came across a problem enabling NFC.

    Software says it is enabled but I do not get the 'N' on the bar at the top of the screen

    and I cannot communicate with any other NFC devices.

    NFC is not working in either the SENSE or GPe ROMs...

    I CAN connect to other devices just fine with Bluetooth only, so the Bluetooth portion is working.

    Is this something in the works or do I need an additional module for NFC to work ?


    The N in the notification bar is a carrier change stock rooms don't have it, it doesn't mean nfc isn't working. I use nfc every day and I have always made sure it works before letting Paul release an update.

    If it's not working it is something to do with your phone and/or setup and not the rom.

  8. Paul, Lenny, I thought SuperSu had to be altered in order to work with Switch, right? If so, could the automatic updating of SuperSu (which I believe is enabled by default) be the cause of some of the problems that are reported? Just thinking...

    Automatic updating of SuperSU will not cause bootloops but may stop SWITCH from working. To solve just reflash the older SuperSU until Paul updates the zip in the first post.

    Updating the app should not cause the switch issues but updating the binary inside the app might.

  9. Got 13fresh all set up and done but TWRP won't back up now, keeps saying packs can't Tarr

    So I won't switch til I can deffo backup, those bootloops are nasty

    Try to untick "compression" in TWRP if you haven't already that fixed the error for me when I had it.

    A week or so later I turned it back on and it backed up fine.

    EDIT: Actually I am starting to think that maybe the files are too large for TWRP to be able to tar (downside of Switch I guess) - I might be wrong, has anyone been able to take a compressed backup in TWRP since beta 10?

  10. I am unable to switch to Sense. I am on Beta 11 and have been running on GPe for a couple weeks and now when I try to switch to Sense it just reboots into GPe. I am planning on installing Beta 13 from the full install package, but I want to make sure that everything is still functioning prior to the upgrade.

    Any suggestions?

    Flash the new supersu package on post one.

  11. Lenny, I use Google sync for contacts and radio is 4A.17.3250.14_10.39.1150.04L

    Could the root package be of influence?

    Well I suppose we can't rule anything out at this time - the trouble is Paul and I cannot reproduce this at all.

    Are you sure you are using the most up-to-date root package? Can you try installing without root and see if that helps or causes the same issues?

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