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  1. Hi, I have tried everything I've read so far and I still can't get the phone to boot into recovery. I flashed the latest Stock ROM using Sony Ericsson 'Emma' flashtool. Then I rooted using eroot and I have confirmed the root with the app Root Checker. I installed ROM Manager but it says my device isn't recognised. Also installed X-Parts and even though that said ClockWorkMod install was successful it still won't boot into recovery. I have tried holding down various combination of keys whilst powering up but I don't even see a blue light appearing. Is there any way to get CWM onto my Xperia Arc (LT15i) please? Thanks for any advice
  2. Hi, I'm really sorry if this is a common problem that has been answered already but I searched for most combinations of words I could think of and nothing came up. I have just reflashed my ZTE Blade with Cyanogenmod 7.2.0 Stable. I had this ROM on the phone before I flashed it again. The reason I flashed it is because I went a bit crazy downloading all sorts of Apps from the Play Store and it just got too messy. The phone flashed fine but for some reason the Dialer and Apps widgets which normally sit at the bottom of the home screen have disappeared and I can't get into my apps to use them or even get into the dialer to make a call. I have to get someone to phone me and then click on Missed Calls to get my Contacts and Numerica Dialer up. I hope someone can help me as I don't have access to the ROM for a few days as it's on another computer. Thanks in advance for any advice :blush:
  3. Hi, no I only have printer, webcam, bluetooth, external hdd and wireless keyboard attached. Are you thinking maybe there could be some kind of conflict?
  4. Hi, I have 5 other items all permanently using USB ports.
  5. Hi AmbushReality, thanks for replying, I'm sorry I didn't see your post before I posted. COM 1 was listed as Serial on QPST but it wasn't accepted it for connection somehow.
  6. Hi, looks like I found a solution. I installed the USB Drivers and then I went to Device Manager and clicked on Other Devices - ZTE Phone - Properties - Update driver (let Windows Search). Then it updated the drivers and now I can see the USB Diagnostic again. Phew! Hope this helps someone in the same situation
  7. Hi, I'm trying to use QPST and when I click 'Add Port' it only offers COM1 port and when I used it before it offered two ports, one being COM7 but now that's not there. The phone is connected via USB and is in FTM mode. I tried uninstalling QPST and then installing it again but it's still showing the same result. Is there a way to get the COM7 Diagnostic port back please? Thanks for any advice
  8. Hi guys, thanks very much for your input. I opted for Cyanogen 9 after I debranded and returned to stock the phone was really slow but CM9 seems to make it sparkle. I might try harrybao that gabriwinter suggested later on when I'm in the mood for experimenting. Thanks again, Modaco rules :)
  9. Hi Dazzozo, thanks for replying with the ICS suggestion. Do they make an ICS for the Crescent? On the Crescent front page (this site) all I can see stickied are Fish n Chips and Cyanogen. Thanks again
  10. Hi gabriwinter, thanks for replying. The kernel file you refer to, is that a small file about 3mb? Thanks
  11. Hi, my advice probably won't be much use but I'll post anyway untill someone else with more knowledge does. When you press the Power Off button at the top, are you sure you are selecting Power Off on the touchscreen after this? I'm thinking maybe it's possible it's set to Reboot? Grasping at straws I know, hope you get it solved soon
  12. Hi, I heard that Android 4 requires too much power for the budget ZTE smartphones (Blade/Crescent) so I was wondering what is the best ROM with regards to speed and overall functionality please? Thanks for your advice. PS I did search but the only two results were the Fish n Chips and Cyanogen ROM threads
  13. Hi, I've broken the metal clip that holds in the microsd card, is it possible to buy a replacement please? Thanks
  14. I tried exchanging micro SD cards and sim cards using all possible variations but still there are widgets missing. When I use my own Sim card the Internet functions ok but the Market Place widget is still not there. I tried installing Ginger Fry but now I've got a new problem when I reboot I get the error message 'The process android.process.media has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. But I can't turn it off even when pressing Force Close. When I hold down the Power Button I still don't get any options it just lingers on Sorry Force Close. Another message says Application Wizard has stopped. You think it might be the phone's internal chip that is stopping it from updating? As I said before I updated my own phone with no problems and it's the exact same model of phone
  15. Hi there, I'm trying to flash my friends phone with the latest Cyanogen. I have already successfully flashed my own phone via Rom Manager with no problems. His phone seems to end up buggy though. Like for instance after I've installed using Rom Manager the Giant Android still appears at boot whereas on mine it's the small neat Andoid. Also, his internet is very very very slow, it works but takes ages and I've made sure all the settings are correct as he's on the same network as me o2. Random things keeps disappearing every time I try a new flash like for instance the Market Place icon has disappeared so he can't download anything from there. The icons on the home page like Contacts and Internet dissappeared too. I have tried clearing cache etc but to no avail. Is there something I could be missing? I did try a search for failed flash but I couldn't find anything relating to this problem type. Thanks very much for any advice
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