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  1. Can someone let me know the best settings/tweaks for this rom (I'm running Lunatic Pandora but can easily change) as my version doesn't seem so smooth
  2. Hi Ducsidu, I'm currently on Pandora 3.1 Lite. All seems to be working fine. I just flashed the 3.1 Lite zip and then followed it with the 3.1 Lite upgrade. Not having any issues so far but I will let you know if it changes.
  3. I'm currently on Pandora 2.1. Seems pretty fast and haven'y had any issues yet (have been using for about 2 weeks now). Would like to see what other people have experienced though on other roms.
  4. WOW!! This ROM is great. After the initial wifi enabling and battery pull its working great and by far the fastest rom I have experienced so far out there.
  5. Its £89 in PC World as well for the 16GB model. £115 for 32GB. Genuinely gutted I cant afford it at the moment as its only a matter of time till Honeycomb is put onto these!
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