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  1. I've bought 2 sets with your link 1x grey smoked and 1x glossy black for 6,11€. I've completed the Paypal order but the redirection after order shows me an error in the page https://www.jsebeauty.com/store/index.php?m..._number=V880RJC Wait & see... Gaetan
  2. belgotux

    [tuto] change boot logo

    I don't understand you. For your problem, have you pull the file into your computer ? What OS do you use ? I don't use 7-zip for archives. For Linux, the default graphic archive program is enough. For Windows, I've tried with Winrar 3.71 on XP and It works fine. Normally, open the framework-res.apk, navigate to "assets/images" and delete the 24 images, then drag'n'drop the idroids's images
  3. belgotux

    [tuto] change boot logo

    This tuto tells you, step by step, the differents actions with adb... If you're familiar with linux, it shouldn't pose any problems for you See this part to include your images on the framework-res.apk Gaetan
  4. belgotux

    [tuto] change boot logo

    I didn't know this, and the "insert special item" lets choise only CODEBOX Some people prefer do this themselfs ^^ :huh:
  5. belgotux

    Sync frequency?

    Hello, You can also use an app to active or not the 3G connexion, it's not what you search but pending : APNdroid He have a widget, just click on it :rolleyes: SYS, Gaetan
  6. belgotux


    Do this commande carefully! Exemple : for me, it isn't /dev/block/mtdblock4 but /dev/block/mtdblock5 ! Before do that, check mounted points : Check the line with "/system" SYS, Gaetan
  7. Hello, I've got an 404 error with the link... Somebody can uploads it on the forum or on megaupload ? Tkanks a lot, Gaetan
  8. Hello, I've done a tuto to change boot logo here :rolleyes: : http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...hange-boot-logo I've done this with Linux, but the commands are not very différent with Windows SYS, Gaetan
  9. belgotux

    [tuto] change boot logo

    give you the images I used, a list could be given with your own pictures on this topic :rolleyes: Droid x : the "framework-res.apk" file for Paul's r4 --> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T1KST490 Preview : :huh: droide_boot_logo.zip
  10. Hello, I see a lot of thing on change boot logo on the ZTE blade, I've took some notes to change it for me, and I'll share you them :rolleyes: A topic about this already exists, but answers are confused for noob (not pejorative :huh: ) : http://android.modaco.com/content-page/319...my-own/page/60/ I've done this tuto for Linux, but the commands are not very différent with Windows's adb (Matty-p gives a solution for Windows here) Requirements : - Root's right on the smartphone (04-oct-r3-superboot-root-mcri) - Installing and configuring the SDK to use adb - Basic knowledge of linux's shell - A linux distribution Conditions of this tuto : - I use Paul's r4 with some modifications (12-oct-r4-modaco-custom-rom-mcr-downloads-online-kitchen (no MoDaCo Addons)) - I do this on Ubuntu 10.04 Tuto : 1) Copy and check the apk file that containing the images (this is done from the tools directory of the SDK) $ ./adb pull /system/framework/framework-res.apk /chemin_du_fichier_sur_le_pc $ md5sum /chemin_du_fichier_sur_le_pc/framework-res.apk $ ./adb shell (connexion au shell d'android) $ su # md5sum /system/framework/framework-res.apk The md5 numbers generated must match 2) Make a copy of framework-res.apk on your PC before editing (re-framework-edit.apk for example) Apk file opens as a zip file, open it with your archive manager. The images to replace are in "assets/images". The images need to replace are named 01 to 24 (for example Paul's r4 : OUK_480x800_01.png). 3) Change the mount system to "writable" In the android's shell as root : Check out two times the number of the example above! To do this, run the following command in the android's shell : # mount Check the line with "/system" 4) Copy the modified file "framework-res.apk" $ ./adb push /chemin_du_fichier_sur_le_pc/framework-res-edit.apk /system/framework/ 5) Replace the file and test In the android's shell as root : # cd /system/framework Verify that "framework-res-edit.apk" exists using the following command: # ls framework-res-edit.apk Replace the old file and reboot # rm framework-res.apk && mv framework-res-edit.apk framework-res.apk && reboot Anjoy :-) It's my first tuto, and I've receive the phone only one week ago, but Linux is Linux ^^ Tell me any constructive comments :huh: SYS, Gaetan
  11. belgotux


    Hello, I have done my own tests, the phone is charged at : - 370mA on connection with computer (it's mean that the 2 data pins are "in the air" or connected to the computer) - 670mA on wall charger (because the 2 data pins are connected each other) The wall charger is 1,8x faster... Power on or power off... And as said oh!dougal, if you use it at the same time, the USB's charge time is endless SYS, Gaetan
  12. Thanks for your great job Paul! The r4 works fine for me! SYS, Gaetan
  13. Thank you a lot for your complete answer oh!dougal I'm thinking that the "lock" was a part of the software. You were a great help to explain that I am in the wrong way, and showing me the truth ^^ I will follow Paul's SIM unlock topic when the phone will arrive, http://www.nckcodes.co.uk seems to work and accepts Paypal SYS Gaetan
  14. Thanks for your answer ptdborth. But I want to know when I root the phone, if I've got to unlock it anyway ? Gaetan
  15. Hello, I've spend a lot of time in this forum before buy a ZTE blade, and finally it will arrive thursday (a friend takes a trip to England and he takes the phone for me). I want to thank those who wrote the important issues on this phone. I've a question, because I'm a new member and especially I've never got Android phone : I need to unlock the phone to use it in Belgium (an other operator than orange of course) if I root it after ? Or when I root it, it also unlocked the phone ? Thank you for your answer and sorry for my bad english, SYS, Gaetan

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