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  1. Well I flashed with latest rom and it all runs much better, tried an Android UI as well. Love it but the HTC is getting quite hot and CPU seems to be quite high (400-900 fluctuating) just browsing the menus. I guess Android just runs 'on top' of wM6.5?
  2. That sounds like just what I need; improved features and no T-Mobile stuff. However, putting in my serial on the HTC site just gives me the latest Rom I got (1.72?). How do I download and install the latest generic rom? Looking at hardSPL it talks about needing a certain SPL on your phone...no idea what that is. However, as I said, this sounds like my kind of rom especially if it makes the phone a bit quicker and more reliable. Any tips on how to get it on to my handset? CHeers in advance for any and all help.
  3. Cheers I will look into it. Is there any way of getting the WM update (6.5.3?) without using a cooked rom...or any idea when T-Mobile will actually update the rom to 3.14?
  4. Not sure to be honest. I don't like the windows setting (interface?) on the device and like the HTC sense UI better but it drains the battery especially with the live weather etc. I like the look and feel of android but don't want the phone running any slower or becoming unreliable. If there is a windows interface that is better than the 6.5 I have then that is OK with me too. Is win 7 possible yet? I thought Android was a dual boot as opposed to replacing the win OS? I tried doing this last night and it just stuck at 'jumping to kernel' (something like that anyway). Would like to have the option of messing with a few different roms (especially clean ones with more battery life but stable). What would you suggest?
  5. I just bought a HTC HD2 on T-mobile but I was able to put my Virgin sim in it without unlocking. I hear a lot about the potential of this device and wanted some advice on what best to do with it. I like my daughter's Orange San Fran and Android but I have been unable to get it to install (I suspect my radio version is wrong). Looking through the forum is very confusing as there are many roms, radio version etc. Don't want to brick it but would appreciate a 'cleaner' rom void of any T-mobile branding if possible. I also seem to have a pretty old Rom compared to 3.14 but it is the only one I can get from T-Mobile. The software info is: OS version 5.2.21889 (21889.5.0.87) Manilla version 2.5.20121429.0 ROM version (86525) WWE ROM date 04/02/10 Radio version Protocol version Please don't suggest I search the forums as I did that and I am confused by radio version, rom etc. but would appreciate any advice you can give.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, can't believe how easy it was (with the right direction from here). Phone is now debranded and daughter is very happy indeed.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, I have the necessary files now and I am just baout to start...just 'diggin' for some info on Win 7 drivers.
  8. Thanks jennie, never fails to amaze me when a quick link takes less time to post than typing a 'smart' reply out. Will give it a go.
  9. Indeed, I did see many, many guides and several roms, apps etc. I just wanted to know if there was a simple and reliable method as more seasoned users of this phone may have experience. I am sure there would be several differing methods and preferred apps etc. If there is such a definitive guide I did not see it and apologise if that offends you somehow.. My 'technical' ability was simply to point out that i am not afraid following such a process as rooting/debranding...it doesn't follow that I would immediately find a definitive article on the subject. And, as I am not familiar with the phone model itself, didn't want to risk messing it up. Still, nice friendly reply to my first post here.
  10. Just bought an Orange san Francisco and unlocked it for my daughter but she now wants the Orange stuff taling off it. I can jailbreak ipods, run homebrew on PSP etc. so quite technical. Just need a simple guide to getting this phone debranded and running at it s best without all that Orange stuff. She wants to customise it and get apps etc. so; is there a simple guide anywhere and what firmware should I be running on it. it's her birthday pressie so don't want to mess it up for her. Any and all help appreciated.
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