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  1. As it should be, i have buy a new phone. I was going to buy ZTE Blade S6 but I choose OnePlus One after recommendation of a friend. I want to thank you H3ROS for this work on H3 Holo that I'm using since more than a year without serious problem. I don't know what I'm going to do with my ZTE Skate since I'm going to take back the SD card. If you have idea of reconversion or ROM change, don't hesitate to propose.
  2. Google Hangout isn't working for me. It keeps crashing and restarting in loop. I have delete the update to go back to the original app of the rom, Google Talk, but it's the same. Does someone else has the problem ?
  3. Thank you for your work even if i didn't tested your roms. ;-)
  4. xander21

    Takara MID 72

    Hello, i am looking for a rom to update my tablet. I have already rooted it without problem. I plan to add clockwork recovery but i'm not sure which version to choose. It seems that CPU is a Telechips 8923. If someone can give advices, i would be grateful. Thank you.
  5. Something else must drain my battery. New battery hold only 17h after 2nd charge. I'll keep testing.
  6. Nevermind about my question before. I think it's my battery. i had a second one and it hold more than 24h.
  7. Hi, i just start to use Hangout on my laptop and it has drain battery on my phone. Battery was empty after 15 hours when it was holding more than 24 hours before. I tried to kill the task because i never needed to receive message on my phone but it was restarting itself each time. I ended removing the update of the app and go back to Google Talk. Is there any way to disable it when we don't need it to avoid battery loss ? Thank you
  8. I'll think about the idea of buying it then. ;-) And do you plan to dev roms for it ?
  9. And why choose this one ? Motorola isn't so much repute in front of many other brand. Is it 4G ? When i see its price and its battery life, it looks a bit more attractive !
  10. I plan to change phone since few months because many apps refuse old rom (Chrome as main exemple). What phone replace your skate ? Maybe you would advise me to only change the rom ?
  11. After checking battery usage with bluethooth on, i have see that it use around 25% of battery life. Could it be possible to disable it or in kind of standby when no device are connected and screen is off ?
  12. i was just wondering how an update can replace the kernel without any wipe and if not pass by the 1.0.1 was a problem. You could have create an update that change only what is in 1.0.2 and not in 1.0.1.
  13. I have apply the zip donwloaded from OTA updater with a dalvik cache wipe and all is fine.
  14. Since i have bluetooth problem, i plan to patch to the last version. I have see that i can download a .zip from OTA Updater but i can't apply it directly. What do i need to do it ? Yet, it says that i can apply it from CWM . Can i really apply the .zip from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2 without wiping anything ? The size of the .zip is pretty small comparing it to the rom, is it normal or is my fine corrupt ? If i apply the full rom 1.0.2 over my 1.0.0, what kind of wipe should i do ? Thank you.
  15. Maybe the 1.0.1 update for bluetooth was correcting this ? This morning the battery looks fine still full and phone still on.

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