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  1. Some journalists have been given the 3.1 upgrade and seem fairly happy with it. They have asked asus if they can post it and await their reply - possibly out as early as Monday anyway :P See here. Thanks to op on xda for this.
  2. Big thread on xda about wallpapers - thought I would post mine here too with the Launcher pro skin I made to theme my Transformer. Did one with a honeycomb blue bee and another with a transformer(bit obvious) main screen and view of the skinned launcher pro widgets - only skinned calendar and bookmarks so far Bee skin apk for LP - here Transformer skin apk for LP - here
  3. You will need to have a device that generates an 'Infrastructure Mode' hot spot. If it can do that (and not ad hoc) then you should be fine. Android has issues with ad hoc and I believe it requires a modified wpa_supplicant to be able to see them - My galaxy tab does. Android 2.2+ allows for the generation of 'Infrastructure' wifi points Bluetooth tether is not supported by all hardware the - app warns of this Reading your op again (Properly this time!) not sure about Blackberry tether!
  4. seems to be the one some dock users got sent. Bit of a selective roll out (ASUS tweeted, twittered, facebooked or whatever it is that you kids do these day's :unsure: about it) it adds another battery meter and should help with dock stability, although some say it has now bricked the dock - so I assume that may be flashed during upgrade too?
  5. Hi all. Loving the transformer and all the great support we are getting here and at xda. Playing with all the new apks, fonts for the clock, boot animations and system button changes that are on here and at xda and got bored with all the adb command line stuff (lazy I know!) so I used VB to put together a little 'ADB GUI' for windows that helps with pulling, pushing and backups, etc and thought I would post it here. ADB GUI Windows only I am afraid and you will need to have .NET 2.0 installed. Extract the folder from zip, put it somewhere and run Transformer ADB GUI.exe. First time it runs it will nag you to select the location of adb (where adb.exe is) Rooted users can click the button 'Remount' to do just that and then push bits. Non rooters can only pull and list. I am not a developer and just do a bit of VB as a hobby, so it might not be perfect and don't blame me if your PC catches fire :unsure: Just thought I would post in case it was of use to anyone else. Will go AD Free tomorrow in anticipation of 3.1, a kitchen and beyond. Have lurked without AD Free for too long :) Thanks, Paul.
  6. Cool, just exported my first 25 second masterpiece, with fade to black and all sorts - nice :unsure: Thanks, Paul.
  7. Should be fine for you now. You have to try quite hard (or be very silly!) to completely brick it. Takes a while, as the instructions say, to complete the ext4 conversion and mine would not boot into the standard ROM after flashing the new kernel with clockwork. This was not a problem as I booted into clockwork and flashed the MoDaCo ROM straight away and it all worked. Restored from Titanium and back to normal with a faster file system and a nice new kernel and ROM. Thanks Paul. Also - because I like to be safe - after I have made a nandroid backup I always run the MD5 sum to check that all is well and then create a repair set of par files using quick par. I then move a copy off the SD card and onto my PC, then you have a repairable copy of your nice new ROM kept far away from where it could be wiped. Is it Just me being a bit too safe or worthwhile?
  8. This is really good. I have been posting recently on the XDA SGT forum about recognition from manufacturers for Developers. Dexter on XDA has saved Toshiba from many more returns of its folio tab with his great work and deserves recognition from Toshiba for it. Paul has made an already very good and solid product even better. Well done him and well done to Advent/DSG for being great with their support and their acknowledgement of this place.
  9. No, unfortunately they did not. Lots of interest in the vega though and lots of frustrated people asking why it was not working! There was a gap for the vegas little brother (forget what it is called) Off topic, sorry, but while I was in there picked up this little remote for the PS3. OMG how cheap is that, thought it was a mistake! http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/gioteck-ps3-...037936-pdt.html If you are stuck for a few stocking fillers, this is pretty nice value.
  10. PCW Tottenham Court road had a display model out today! Wow, finally get a chance to play with one and have a look at the screen to compare with my folio. No such luck, bloody thing was broken! The chap said it was bust and they were waiting for another demo model. I am not a sales person but would you not remove broken demo stock? I would certainly not admit to it being 'bust' - looked and felt quite nice though. These things are like hens teeth, are they popular or something? :)
  11. Those of you that have app scaling issues, have you used spare parts and unchecked compatibility?
  12. Needs to be done before application, so not much use to those of you with it fitted, but has anyone tried laying the protector over the tab before the first peel, marking camera centre with marker pen and then using a hole punch? I did that with a protector once and it worked well, punch has to be nice and sharp.
  13. Has anyone tried laying the protector over the tab before the first peel, marking camera centre with marker pen and then using a hole punch? I did that with a protector once and it worked well, punch has to be nice and sharp.
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