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  1. likewise. recently purchased, updated ota to B892. Apparently stuck in the 'quiet bit' of Ascending ringtone with no obvious way to change, or make it 'increasing'. This from a 'speaker problem' update. :angry:
  2. huggyc

    720p at Germany?

    It'll be nice to see the Acer Liquid Glow (shipping in the UK imminently) come with native 720p on it's ICS since this uses the same SoC as the g300 with a 5Mp shooter too. If 720p and the goodness that is 'Google Now' can be integrated into a future ROM, I'm sure you'll be in line for a knighthood sir! :) keep up the good work!
  3. Well my order from them arrived in less than 24hrs, the £30 off voucher worked, but the topcashback hasn't tracked yet. So not too bad really. and I'll put in a claim for the cashback. I'm pretty sure Tesco Direct also use Yodel as a courier and vodafone require the purchase of a £10 top-up.
  4. here: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/huawei-g300-ascend-smartphone-102-95-72-95-with-credit-acct-down-possible-67-01-1283781?page=1
  5. well done! much better than 'waiting for device'! :) .. Now knowing what the flip that means :wub: lol
  6. You could try superoneclick using the USB drivers installed by PDAnet. http://junefabrics.com/android/download.php IE. download and install PDAnet (above) letting it install it's own generic drivers choose 'other phones'. Then try running superoneclick. This method worked for me when rooting a huaewi u8180 recently, where nothing else would play ball... (superoneclick would just hang). I know this is an Intel and not ARM chipset but there has been reported success with another Intel Medfield phone using this tool (ie Lenovo K800) here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1685304&page=2 and obviously, that's slightly different hardware too.. but it could be worth another shot!! ;) Good luck! :)
  7. What happened may I ask? because if it was just hanging on step 2 like some people had in the Lenovo K800 thread (above) then It may just be a case of trying different USB drivers...? ^_^ On the other hand if it bricked the OSD (or something similar) then obviously it isn't worth pursuing lol :unsure:
  8. Hell yeah.. I think I've seen that driver before (on kids tv in the 80's)! lol
  9. I'm with jikobutsu on this one! It's a fantastic device (although I don't own one yet - have played with it in an Orange shop) but i guess most people visiting this forum knew that already! I was thinking, to bring a positive out of this dark news of the imminent lack of rooting ability that maybe their sales would suffer as a result... meaning an even more bargainacious device for those patient enough to wait. That theory was blown out the water however with the arrival (yesterday) of the OSD television advert on Orange's YouTube :-( [media=] But, to turn it around again, with Orange and Intel insisting that this is a hit by throwing gold bars at it, there will inevitably be an imminent mass of peeps trying to find a rooting solution. Oh, btw (above) Gigabyte manufactured the xolo x900, Orange San Diego, and Orange avec Intel Inside (French version of OSD) the only physical difference is the back cover.
  10. huggyc

    Alternative names for the San Diego

    Indeed! :) very good to know since the French reviews seem a bit less reluctant than the UK-centric ones in giving the phone top marks... Hopefully French sales will go well and we'll have two Nations looking for a SIM unlock/root for the same device! ... Google Translate is your friend! ;)
  11. huggyc

    Alternative names for the San Diego

    The intel CEO said at the MWC Barcelona (holding a medfield phone) that the target price would be $150 on shelf to consumer... If anything it shows how easy early exclusivity can be bought, but also i would assume when we're talking Orange's volumes they have a fair bit of wriggle room on price, plus it can only highlight how much Intel wish to make this successful!! :) [media=]
  12. huggyc

    Alternative names for the San Diego

    Correct the Lenovo has a different manufacturer/design, but the Xolo x900, Orange San Diego and 'Orange avec Intel Inside' were all manufactured by Gigabyte (the only difference is the back cover + time of production) Paul's USB status now remarks c 'xolo x900 connected' for example! :)
  13. huggyc

    Alternative names for the San Diego

    That's what I've always thought too re: French mobiles, but there were a couple of French people on the SIM lock status thread who were trying to get unlock codes out of Orange France, and having to pay 20 Euros for them: :huh:
  14. huggyc

    Alternative names for the San Diego

    http://mobile-shop.orange.fr/telephone-portable/orange-avec-intel-inside :D
  15. huggyc

    Alternative names for the San Diego

    'Orange avec intel inside' is the imaginative French retail name ^_^

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