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  1. I think this updates RV16RC01 to the version that I have RV16RC02. Just wondering if this is Not a full ROM (only 40mb).. the RV16RC01 in 5th post is not (doesn't boot).. thank god for nandroid :D ...and thank vache for cwm!
  2. I tested the leak. Initial observation.. 1. unlocking screen causes flicker 2. when using camera with flash, flash and shutter is not synchronized
  3. no worries.. backed up using cwm and flashed the JB leak :D
  4. :D not the same.. this is 1.052.00
  5. just received my S500 today. the default firmware is Acer_AV043_S500_RV16RC02_WW_GEN1 looking for this before I flash the leak.. I so want to flash the leak :P
  6. Hi, please share the Acer Bin you have used before this installation. For me it's 4.002.14.emea.gen1. But I'm also not sure if this still has any connection to the current situation. Previously when going from froyo to gb, this was important.
  7. Haha. I understand what you mean. Anyway the fix works. Running great on Liquid E. Thanks thepasto. Really appreciate yours and all devs work here. :D
  8. Happy birthday to you. May your wish come true!
  9. Don't wish for something you don't want. You might get it :P Anyway the fantastic devs are working for free for their passion. Give them your support, not your complains. :D
  10. I use the MP3 editor that's bundled with Nero. I copy the section I want to use as ringtone and paste few times in new file and save.
  11. I think this is a CM bug. Because I have it since LN. So now I edit the ringtone to loop in MP3 editor
  12. Hi youpi, how about a last cm7.2 update. CM7.2 final is out. https://plus.google.com/app/plus/mp/211/#~loop:view=activity&aid=z121hzyb0vqujzgek221hl44tznvd3hhv04 :D
  13. Hahaha.. from all the testing.. I forgot to ask that :P Anyway, I called and ask, answer is yes.
  14. For gnex 1700mah with OC 1.48ghz and 4.65" screen, I can get around 14 hours (8am to 10pm) on medium usage. I think for S500 should be no problem for the same. ~renzs
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