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  1. tilal, what are the differences between the Blade-version and the Skate-version? Shouldn't it be easier to make some kind of converter so the Blade-users can flash the Skate-ROM and the converter afterwards without the need for you to always upload a Blade-version?
  2. @tilal: So you didn't yet find a fix for the new drivers but still push an update? What reason? Android 4.04?
  3. Plus one for Qualcomm! :D Download without registration:
  4. Great progress! My next noob guess: replace the ril-libs with the ones from CM7, change the links in the build.prop to use them.
  5. @Sulthekk: I was once told to ask the user "cpg" if I have questions about arm assember code. If you get to know something from him, please share! http://android.modaco.com/user/724649-cpg/
  6. My guess: replace the framework.apk, framework.jar, all system apps and the sense- framework.apk with one from a device with right resolution. not sure about the.jar and not sure about the real name of the sense-framework.apk. Sorry if I disturb your thread, just want to learn.
  7. a sorry, hwrotation, not hardwarerotation. -.- Thanks for the correction!
  8. I don't think it matters where in the build.prop you insert the line. The full name is: ro.sf.hardwarerotation
  9. -Screen right way up -RIL -resize -everything else That's the list sorted by priority, if you ask me.
  10. allbest: This Rrom is real Sense and is booting.
  11. If it works it will fix that, yes. But like I said I'd already tried it. Could be that I did something wrong, so worth a second try and not much work.
  12. What worked for me: Touchscreen (right way up) Screen (wrong way up) What did not work You guessed it. Everything else. Some things should be solvable by just swapping the libs I think. Edit: And the version I used had no bootanimation and took some time to boot up.
  13. Calculator-bug is universal. Use any other from the market.
  14. I think it was around 165 MB needed on /system, but don't quote me on that, some weeks have passed since I had the time to try my luck on this. It was surprisingly fluid, by the way.
  15. I've tried some things to get this ROM the right way up, but it then refused to boot. Also a libsurfaceflinger that reached me through the_crevis and must have been sent by tilal. But maybe I did something else wrong when changing it. I tried some sf.hardwarerotation-stuff in the build.prop (booted wrong way up), too and the surfaceflinger from CM7 (didn't boot then either). I'd have tried more stuff but am low on time (end of studies and all).

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