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  1. One little problem. i'm trying to use app2sd (from liquidparts) i click format ext and everything goes ok, but now when i click app2sd on it will ask me to reboot and after reboot it will show "off" again, i tried 30-40 times EDIT: mass storage doesn't work on windows 7. I click on activate mass storage and it works, but i have nothing on pc (same problem of previous beta)
  2. i can't use mass storage so i came back to cyanogenmod 7.2 (and now it works) and now i will update to cyanogenmod 9 (beta 3) waiting for beta 5, anyways good work guys :)
  3. Can you tell me the exact procedure to uninstall the driver? Because i don't know exactly how to do :)
  4. I tried to format 3 times but i still can't solve my problem... Mass storage won't go... I click on "activate mass storage" it seems to work but my pc doesn't show up anything... Both in recovery and in standard mode With previous beta everything was ok, now i can't access to my sd and it make my phone unusable ( i can't put file on my sd so i can't install app and i can't change rom too) When i format i followed all the steps on the first post (i even delete dalvik cache)
  5. I have a problem with mass storage... even if i click on "activate mass storage" my pc doesn't show up anything... I'm on Windows 7 and i tried to format my phone 3 times
  6. I'm so stupid... :) Anyways the rom seems to be really more faster of the previous beta, but i think there is a lot of work to do to reach the speedness of ln 1.9.2 :) I will try to understand why if i move appdata 2 sd the phone will slow down in an incredible way... though my sdcard is a class 6... Anyways good work guys, i can't wait for the beta 4 :)
  7. Another bug that i found: I installed the rom and activated a2sd + ad2sd + dc2sd and my phone became really slow, then when i disactivated dc2sd and ad2sd my phone lost all the settings and even launcher does'nt work well anymore, default softkey doesn't work at all and everything is inusable... Now i reset everything and it is working, but i think that the impossibility of disactivate dc2sd and ad2sd is a bug... I think
  8. I noticed that download of apps from play store is very slow (even with wi-fi) Is this my problem, a google problem or a rom problem?
  9. Ok i managed to install recovery, now my other question: What is the best setting for app2sd with a liquidE and 8Gb Microsd Class 6? Anyways i think i found the first bug: Liquid parts app is very slowly and often it will crash and it will be really really really slowly in a2sd section, except this i think that the beta3 is a good step forward compared to beta2, good work
  10. What is the best setting for app2sd with a liquidE and 8Gb Microsd Class 6? PS: After the update, i still cannot install new CWM Recovery...
  11. I cannot install the new Recovery... I'm on beta2 and now the recovery installation file doesn't recognize my phone, even if i install the new icona tab driver in first post... My phone is Liquid E
  12. I have a problem... I'm using this rom since 2 weeks and today my liquid E stopped to have signal and it won't reconnect everything i try (reboot, airplane mode etc etc)... What can i do? EDIT: Problem solved, i think that i solved it switching to plane mode and then switching back...
  13. Thanks a lot... I'm quite satisfy with this rom... another bug that i found is that when i change to "fly mode" the phone reboot... Anyways good job guys :)
  14. for swift key or smart keyboard pro? anyways i have another question I have installed 16-17 application (all application ,no games) but the memory is already finished, even if i installed every possibile application on the sd (via "move to sd button in settings - application)... is there anything wrong in what i do? (and there is some application that i can't move like facebook and some other else...
  15. Ok, is there any way to obtain the old scroll type? and another question, i tried to install htc_ime but it crashes, someone installed it succesfully? if not, what is the best t9 keyboard on the market? i think that there is nothing like htc_ime, simply the best
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