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  1. Download link doesn't seem to be working for me, any other places to download from?
  2. I imported contacts into gmail.com Then syncd with phone. Went into contacts and they're all there. But i go into the standard message app, click new message, search for a contact but no one comes up! What's going on?
  3. Downloaded the Android SDK, tried an adb-> devices and my SF doesn't display. Tried installing fibblesan's drivers. But no luck, it installs some sort of 3G modem...i'm on Windows 7 64-bit. Any help?
  4. I've installed sype but its useless as the auto space doesn't work. Can anyone help me getting auto space working? Yes I've turned it on in settings
  5. How do you guys get around the out of sync sound? Or is that just me?
  6. Broc are you rooted? And i thought you just need to replace the other one...not install it?
  7. Thank you i'll give it a bash once i'm rooted. Just couldn't be bothered with adb
  8. Any help on this? Can it be done without using adb?
  9. Broc, did rooting and that apk not work for you then?
  10. Been struggling to get mms working (giffgaff problem). Got it working last night but now mms have stopped downloading again...which led me to this question. What settings need to be turned on, on my phone to receive mms? Allow data connections needs to be on? As my wifi being turned on seems to stop mms from downloading... maybe?
  11. Mate, i have been trying to solve this for weeks. There's so many different fixes, apn's with conflicting ports 8080/9090. Apps that don't work. APK's on here that i don't know if i should root to use. Pulling my hair out. It's a nightmare. Your the first person i have found in the same position as me. I am on giffgaff. If i receive a mms, i click download, the G symbol pops up at the top. But then goes away and nothing happens. Even when they used to download, they would be tiny and i couldn't seem them. Has anyone got this working on giffgaff?
  12. Sending is not the issue, but a lot of people send me pictures, and when they do, the image is terrible quality, and no where near how the sender intended it to look. I can barely make out what the picture is of my friends iphone 4. As for the spoofing, i've been told that its possibly becuase the phone is not recognised as a ZTE blade by the network, so downloads the picture in a size that would be suitable for the oldest phone ever. People seem to have had success spoofing they're phone as an N95 or whatever. I was told i could do this with a sms app, is this not the case? Do i need to be rooted to use the mentioned apk?
  13. Can someone explain how i spoof my SF as my pictures mms are tiny and terrible quality. I've been advised to use handcent, but i can't find the setting, does this mean i need to root my device and install a custom ROM? Thankyou!
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