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  1. I've been enjoying the podcast since it came back but I can't get episode 51 in iTunes. Any chance of re-upping?
  2. Thanks m8, picked one up...looking forward to some honeycomb goodness
  3. Thanks Hecatae and wbaw, Just installed this so that I can send my phone back to orange for replacement. Mr Pigfish says it is now GEN1! Just like it was when I bought it. All the original orange crap is there...fantastic!! Hopefully the replacement I get will have not lose 90% battery in 3 hours when switched off...
  4. Sweeeeet dude!!! back to GEN1 after an admittedly easy move to GEN2. Now I should be able to TPT etc. Great guide +1 for PINNED!!!
  5. (Orange SF B03 OLED upgraded to Gen2 (windows method) 7.0.2.) I've had that occasionally ever since n39 but only when the battery was low. I found if you rotate the phone to landscape the screen appears again. I have not seen it since 7.0.2 though. On a side note anyone else getting high sensor usage by Android system? I get between quarter and half the phone's up-time indicated. How can I find which sensors are being used?
  6. Hey I updated to GEN2 and find that if I disable then re-enable GPS it works fine afterwards...no reboot later either (but then I never had that on GEN1 either). Still having the freeze/unresponsive/reboot when disconnect from charger problem though :)
  7. My experience:- Updated GEN1 OLED phone to GEN2 Installed this ROM Installed Gapps zip Restored ADW settings and set up phone to my taste. Observations:- I no longer see the lockup/reboot while charging/connected to USB I do not have the post GPS shutdown issue Yesterday with battery about 18% I had some issues with the screen going black inside apps that continued to work. The launcher was also taking a long time to update when you pressed "Home". Just got the wallpaper for about 2-3 seconds before the home screen widgets popped up. I found that if I rotated the device to portrait and back again the black screen was replaced by what I wanted to see. Also if I used the device in landscape mode I did not see the black screen. Additional:- In battery use, history, maps is at the top of partial wake usage with considerable usage even if I have force closed it earlier. Also sensor usage by android system is quite high - compared to pre CM 7.0 stable, I found N35 about the most stable for me before. I am going to be using GPS a lot this morning so will report back after that. Feedback: initially I got the reboot after seconds of GPS then I disabled then re-enabled GPS from notification widget before using GPS and it worked fine. I used the GPS on a 200mile round trip and no reboots.
  8. +1 here, has happened a couple of times but not overnight suprisingly... Gen1 OLED 512 3Mpix
  9. Just for sanity I keep a backup of MCr12 and the last CM7 nightly I had running mostly ok (which at the moment is n21 with blinks kernel and uk pool in gps.conf) I always nandroid before I change ROM. Then decide if its a keeper... ...works for me and takes up a few hundred Mb's.
  10. Hi All, I installed CM7 RC1 and have been using it daily. I have installed most of the nightlies, uninstalling or applying patches or fixed kernels to maintain functionality. Latest update was to install CM7 N21 over N19 with fixed kernel (only clearing cache and dalvik cache). Seems to be working well :- Battery drain now good maybe slightly better than FroYo for me Screen wakes up after call every time Bluetooth now working WiFi connects well and re-connects on wake. I wanted a to highlight an issue I've observed since RC1. When you plug the phone into a USB port on pc, the settings\about phone\status shows as "Charging (AC)" and then changes to "Charging (USB)" after less than a second. Same happens when plugging into mains powered USB charger (even a maximum 1Amp one). The phone takes a really long time to charge (~9 hours) from nearly empty to full. On FroYo ROM's (flb,JJ,MCr12) the mains charger would show as "Charging (AC)" and stay there and the empty to full charge was about ~3 hours. Is this widely seen? Is it the sort of thing which needs to be posted as an issue?
  11. Is it my imagination or does the phone never recognise it is being charged at higher rate? I use a couple of different mains chargers and a 1Amp car charger which Froyo always indicated as mains charging. Now I either see Usb or (if I'm quick enough) I see it indicated as mains and then change to USB. The reason I checked was that the phone was taking forever to charge - even on mains (again compared to froyo).
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