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  1. ololizoz

    ZTE Blade Plus announced

    Could be the new uber budget phone ;)
  2. ololizoz

    Porting ICS to LG Optimus 2X

    Do you have an ETA? :)
  3. ololizoz

    Can't update using LG Mobile Tool anymore

    That would be Nightly #150 with the 823 baseband and RIL ;) Could try that, but I just flashed directly to d using the same tool you flash baseband with. Still curious why it doesn't work anymore...
  4. Hello. I just got tired of the BSOD's in CM7 so I decided to go back to V10d. EXT4->EXT3, NVFlashed my phone to V10b, downgraded baseband to 0405 and tried to update. At first it says that there is a update, but then further in the process it tells me that I have the latest. This used to work, am I doing anything wrong, or is there a new solution? LG-P990 from Sweden (EURO OPEN I guess...)
  5. ololizoz

    Changing IMEI on engineering sample

    Well, if you shouldn't run a custom rom, then whats left?...
  6. ololizoz

    MIUI! :D

    I keep getting force closes D:
  7. ololizoz

    ANoTher Theme by Salisbury_Steak [v1.1 07222011]

    Could you upload a package for going back to original? I will try it in a moment but I don't want to flash it until I know that I can go back to original.
  8. ololizoz

    [APP] LG RIL Version

    There you go! Swedish translation :) Might update it later if I come up with any better translations, but this is good for now :) strings_sv.txt
  9. ololizoz

    [APP] LG RIL Version

    Saw that some guy translated this into german, is there a way I can contribute? If so, then I'd translate it to swedish.
  10. When I try to mount SD-card in ClockworkMod Recovery E:Unable to write to ums lunfile (No such file or directory) What should I do? I can mount it from android bot not in recovery.
  11. ololizoz

    [UNOFFICIAL] MoDaCo LG O2X Google+ Circle

  12. ololizoz

    25 Mar: Stock 'internalsd' contents

    Does anybody have the movies that were 'preinstalled'? I'd like to have them, please.
  13. Do I still have to install gapps?
  14. This rom is kinda old, and it's eclair...

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