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    Samsung Jack by AT&T

    Hi pixbax, Sorry, I cant help you on the jingle change. I was wondering if you can look at my post right after yours relating to a question about the i637 Jack. Perhaps you have encountered my issue? Regards.
  2. Hello, When I am connected to my Plantronics Bluetooth ear-piece and make a call on my phone, everything works fine and audio is through Bluetooth automatically on both inbound and outbound calls. However, when I am instead using/connected to the Bluetooth hands-free system in my 2009 Honda Accord, the audio does not automatically transfer to the hands-free system on outbound calls. On inbound calls, its fine. The problem ONLY happens when I select and make phone call from my phone. When I select and make a phone call from the car's Hands-Free Address Book in the Honda, all is fine. Apparently, the phone thinks that when I select and make a call directly from it, that is should keep Audio services locally on it. I beleive this is wrong, as Bluetooth Hands-free to the car systems is successfully connected. When the issue happens, I can work-around it using one of two methods. Upon answering the call from the car system, I can either; 1) Verbally issue a command to my car's hands-free voice recognition system and say "Transfer", and it switch audio to car hands-free 2) From the phone, I can select menu and scroll to "Turn hands-free on". Other phones do not have this mode of bluetooth operation within this same car. Question: Is there a way I can make the phone automatically go to Bluetooth audio when connected in my car, no matter which type of bluetooth its connected too? Please note, I have upgraded to Windows 6.5 and it made no difference. Anybody any ideas? Much appreciated.

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