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  1. yadekul

    I9000 screen replacement?

    Snowie72, I have seen the individual parts for sale on ebay, i.e just glass and also just the screen but you would need to be a real expert to replace just the glass. You truly are better off buying the complete glass and digitizer set. I know it seems like a waste, but the two parts are very much bonded together. Cheers. b.t.w Peter, glad to see you had a good outcome with your repair and well done on posting those greats pics!
  2. yadekul

    I9000 screen replacement?

    Hi, Have you fitted a new screen yet? How did you go? I found the hardest part was removing the broken screen. Putting the new screen in place is very easy. From looking at your picture, I think it will be a tricky job as the best spot to start removing the screen is at the point where the damage is greatest. Unfortunately in your case, the broken part is right on top of where a tiny sensor is glued to the glass. You would need to be very careful if you do it yourself. I followed the photos and steps on this site http://galaxysguide.blogspot.com/ when replacing my screen. It was very helpful. I note that Hong Kong Ebay seller still gets mostly good feedback, so I think you will be fine buying from them. I was just unlucky :rolleyes: Cheers, Luke
  3. yadekul

    I9000 screen replacement?

    So I installed that screen today and it worked perfectly. The part number on the ebay replacement was exactly the same as the old screen. The display looks just as clear and crisp as I remember. My only issue with install was that I hadn't quite removed enough of the old glue. This meant that when I connected the LCD to the phone to do a test the screen ended up sticking in place, so I didn't get to put any fresh glue in. So far the screen is holding in place very firmly but the home button and earpiece cover aren't quite sitting flush to the screen. No big deal though.
  4. yadekul

    I9000 screen replacement?

    Hi grrwuff, Sorry about your cracked screen. I also know the feeling! I think all the Galaxy S screens on ebay are the same (Super AMOLED) just with different prices. I would strongly urge you to be cautious about purchasing from this seller. I bought a replacement screen for my Galaxy S from them and it arrived broken. I returned the screen in order to get a new replacement but they now claim more than a month later that they never received it! So, whether it was broken when they sent it or it was damaged in transit doesn't really matter. I lost my money and have learned a lesson. These screens are such a delicate item that I would recommend purchasing your replacement from a seller that is NOT based in China. I got another one from here: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT. They are based in Canada and the screen arrived very quickly and in perfect condition. I haven't installed it yet, but will report back on how it goes. Also, as you can see from the earlier posts, it is not a very easy task to remove the broken screen. So, if you can afford it, I think you should have your phone professionally repaired. Cheers.

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