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  1. Is there a cache mechanism on Android. Maybe while booting up some values written somewhere
  2. Ver 4.0 667-166 Mhz 24 bpp 160 MB. It is working. Thanks ipaq. (But first try didn't work. I copied 4.0 kernel and modules over 3.0. No signal and wifi. So I reinstalled android and copied ver 4.0 now working. )
  3. I have noticed that when I use video recording on winmo (record to sdcard) my android installation corrupted. It happened two times. I am not sure it is possible. Edit : @ipaq: Because of corrupted installation i couldn't make mlog.
  4. After a clean installation I installed 3.0 build 667 Mhz (I just wanted to see 24 bit difference) But "No service" + "Wifi Error" exists: Then I copied 800 Mhz zimage and modules(3.0 build). Now I am using it.
  5. I installed 800 Mhz version. Wifi and GSM is working. I tried 667 Mhz version before. It has network and wifi error.
  6. Hello ipaq. After boot i write lsmod in terminal. It lists si4709_driver, s3c_camera, multipdp, dpram, vibrator. After insmod /modules/libertasspi.ko, I could see libertas. But wifi has still error. here is dmesg messages about libertas [ 290.178729]( insmod) libertas_spi: Libertas SPI driver [ 290.953246]( insmod) Sanya: Power On wlan [ 290.954072]( insmod) libertas_spi spi1.0: firmware: requesting libertas/gspi8686_hlp.bin [ 290.973311]( init) init: waitpid returned pid 2516, status = 00000000 [ 290.975312]( init) init: untracked pid 2516 exited [ 291.369672]( insmod) libertas_spi spi1.0: firmware: requesting libertas/gspi8686.bin [ 291.379245]( init) init: waitpid returned pid 2520, status = 00000000 [ 291.381199]( init) init: untracked pid 2520 exited [ 291.885627]( insmod) libertas: 00:21:19:b2:38:b6, fw 9.70.10p0, cap 0x00000303 [ 291.893734]( insmod) txpower:18 min:4 max:20 [ 291.902770]( insmod) libertas: wlan0: Marvell WLAN 802.11 adapter
  7. I installed 800 Mhz 16bpp. Gsm is OK. But while activating wifi shows "Error".
  8. If you make this rom more usable and stable, even my phone die in future i may consider buy a second hand omnia. Because used omnias is very cheap now.
  9. Because of no service and no wifi issue on kernel 2.6.3, I couldn't test battery life. I will do it after ipaq fix it.
  10. I hear same electric sound while using s3clock on windows mobile;(i cant say it really works.) . If this sound caused by cpu scaling and original kernel doesnt cause this, it may be why original kernel has high power consumption.
  11. Finally the project stopped :( .Bad news. I am fallowing this forum for about one year. Thank you developers for helps for i8000 community. I hope this project will continue to maintain by other developers.
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