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  1. Latest official stock MM link for 860 http://update8.hicloud.com/TDS/data/files/p3/s15/G753/g104/v54172/f1/full/update.zip
  2. I kind of like MoDaCo.switch, and I think that mentioning the site in the name is good thing.
  3. Another small FYI - If you restore apps with data from Titanium Backup it seems to cause little issues but if you just restore the app then set it up the results are far better. Obviously it is not every app but it is not just apps with online accounts, one that played up for me is Bar Launcher but wiping the app data fixed it.
  4. Another small thing to look at is the home button behaviour, it would be really nice to have it working the same in both ROM's. Currently the GE ROM uses a long press for Google Now and the Sense uses swipe up, they both work but it would be nicer to have consistency across both. Maybe once custom kernels are sorted we can map the key individually.
  5. Sorry, not very clear there. I don't mean the additional reboot on Switch, I mean the ROM loads and after a couple of minutes reboots. Happened once on sense, but a few times on GE. It then locks in a boot loop and needs a soft reboot. After that it runs fine.
  6. Gimme a half hour to wake up Lenny and I will adb till your little heart is content mate. Am I the only one catching 'random' reboots just after powering on or a Switch?
  7. Works fine for me in ubuntu. Have you connected via adb with a ROM loaded first?
  8. OK, tried it again and it is all working again. CHEERS!
  9. Still the same, Home not working and can't get into quick settings.
  10. A little additional info, I have also set home key to long press for menu in the Sense ROM, might be connected, or might not.
  11. Same with the home button in the GE ROM, plus I can't open the quick settings tab
  12. Performing a Switch will use a fair amount of power, more than a normal re-boot. Once the beta has settled down you will only Switch every now and then so battery won't be as big an issue.
  13. Probably my slow pick up, but my understanding was that /system was separate for both ROM's and as such I expected system accounts to also be separate. Flashed beta 1 then 3, booted sense and completed setup without adding accounts & turned fastboot off. Switched to GE and completed setup with accounts, downloaded beta 4 and rebooted and flashed. Switched back to Sense and my google account is being used. I dont have an issue other than I thought the accounts would be separate ?
  14. How do apps that are in /system in one ROM but data in the other work? I am thinking of AOSP apps installed in my sense ROM, how is the conflict dealt with?
  15. Jesus that's good. If you can hit the 500M mark you won't even notice the lost space.
  16. Biggest question, how much additional space is used adding the GE ROM? Shared data makes this a winner in my book.
  17. Hi folks, hope you are OK with me posting this here Paul :-) We are organising a little Android get together in the UK in March of next year. The event is aimed squarely at Android users, and we 'think' it's the only event of it's kind in the UK. It won't be anywhere near as big and fantastic as the Big Android BBQ state side, but we hope it will at least be as much fun. We have folk coming from the Three UK media team, Tom Mleko the big cheese from Hyperbees, Tha Phlash the incredible icon designer is coming over from Canada, and HTC have stated they will get involved in some form. The event will take place on Saturday 9th of March at the MadLab in Manchester running from mid-day to 5-6 O'clock with some snacks and drinks. Although we will be having speakers, and possibly workshop/Q & A sessions, the main focus is getting to know the wider Android community. A large number of Android blogging sites have all given their supprt, as have Clove Technology. With a little luck we will have some goodies to give away on the day as well. If you are interested you can find out more on the websitehttp://www.marchofthedroids.co.uk/, or comment here and I will try and answer any questions you might have. Even better is if you can offer support/sponsorship in way as every little help is greatly appreciated.
  18. I am working all day & cant be arsed - S2
  19. 41 year old Bar Manager hooked on Android, Linux, and basically all things gadget :( Just realized that this is also my first Modaco post, despite joining a while ago, probably due to the fact I have a Hero, but with a bit of luck I'll be posting on the Vega sub-forum soon. Although I have heard that LennyUK has entered so my chances are reduced #jammygit.
  20. Sadly I only check if there are not a lot, laziness on my part. It probably wont change until something happens, and then it could be too late.
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