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  1. What do you mean with purebuild? ROMs based on what source code? I'm still running Kallt Kaffes Swedish Spring, do you know if it would be considered pure(haven't had time to check if I got carrier id or not yet)?
  2. Very interesting. Do you have a link where he comments it? Would like to know more about the details. Did he find out about it before it it spread in the news? I'm really surprised at the lack of reaction on the net. Hardly any of the big tech blogs are mentioning it(despite being aware of it) and the ones that do use it as ammo to sling mud on Android as payback for Apple's scandal, when it's not even Android specific or has anything to do with Google. This should concern ALL people and not disrupt into some silly platform war. The only reason Apple phones aren't hit is cause they don't allow any carrier software on their phones(correct me if I'm wrong). Where is the outrage? Have people becomes desensitized by FB and other scandals that they don't care about privacy anymore and will let big brother do whatever they want?
  3. What do you mean with not restoring system apps/data? Is there no way of porting the data in my apps to a new ROM? Oh, forgot to mention, I need a prog that backups MMS as well. Is there any progam that does that? Sorry it 's late here, what do you mean? =) That google backup restores your data in the apps and your backlight setting?
  4. I'm still on Gen 1 but was thinking about trying a newer ROM. But apparently you can't use nandroid back up when you jump from gen 1 to gen 2, so what is the easiest way to back everything up and get it going on your new rom? And how does Google backup work. Will it save all of my settings in aps so they will run like usual if I use google to backup my apps? Thanks in advance.
  5. There is no way of flashing it directly on the phone(like I did when I installed clockwork with recovery manager?)? Don't have a cable or PC I can thinker with until the weekend.. Have root. Sorry for the stupid questions, but been out of the loop for a while. Barely remember how to flash a ROM without reading a guide...
  6. Yesterday I noticed that my phone had been awfully quiet the whole evening. When I tried to call somebody, it just hung up immediately. But the phone still had bars and was connected to an operator. AFter booting up and reinserting the sim(checked that it worked in another phone) I stopped getting any connection and had zero bars(no service). I can still make emergency calls so I'm assuming the radiopart in the phone is ok. BT, Wlan etc works as well. Is this a hardware or software problem? I'm suspecting that the simcardholder have somehow broken(everything else works except carrierbased features) but is there some way of testing this further? Is there some kind of software fix I could test to rule out software problem?
  7. DOH! I found the thread, but didn't see any downloadlinks in my haste so thought it was something else for modders. My bad. Another quick question, how do I replace clockwork recovery with that one? Flash it with clockwork recovery?
  8. I have an original Orange San Francisco(with OLED) Gen 1 that I'm suspecting is in need of warranty repair. Where can I found the original Orange ROM? Apologizes if I'm asking a stupid question, but I couldn't find the ROM after a quick search and I have been out of the modding loop for a while. And do you have to uninstall clockwork as well. Is that even possible?
  9. Are YOU aware of that different people have different needs and preferences? Classic example of somebody who cant think outside his own small box. I actually PREFER the simpler alarm app in SS compared to the other more advanced ones since its quicker to set and I don't go up the same time two days in a row(or when I justneed to set an alarm quickly). And yes,it's nitpicking, since it's so easy to change alarm app. Blaming it on the ROM is rather silly. It's like switching ROM. cause you don't like the wallpaper...
  10. Poodha


    Seems like this app have been removed from the market. Can't find Router Keygen either. Anybody know why they have been removed?
  11. A couple of quick questions. 1. How do I know if my phone can handle AHB overclocking? Is it safe if I used AHB OC before with JJ and SS with no problems? 2. When do I flash the AHB overclocking? Same time as the other files before rebooting? EDIT: Realized know that the cm7_universal_converter_ahb_alt.zip file is all I have to use if I want AHB-overclocking. It's not an addon like it was for SS and JJ? 3. Do I have to wipe(currently on N35)? And thanks for the great work Kallt Kaffe!
  12. Ah, yes, forgot about the issues with charging on latest stable. And yes, same here, I have maybe 1-3 reboots a week, nothing to lose sleep over. Although I have as you, not tried the GPS that much. Think I'm going to give the latest Swedish Spring a spin then instead. I'll probably upgrade to gen 2 when the next stable CM7 comes out.
  13. Just a question, why are you not upgrading to the latest stable or N39? I've been out of the nightly loop for a while, and I'm also on N35. Was considering to try N39 now(although N35 have been very stable) but have some recollection of people recommending N35 over later nightlies(some new bug in the new kernel IIRC). So you have any specific reason not to update to stable or N39, or are you just lazy like me? =)
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