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  1. Hey guys, so I want to root my Streak. Using Win XP, but don`t know what drivers I need to install, where to get them, and whats the best sowftware to use for Rooting. Android Version : 2.2.2 Baseband : GAYSB1A135100-EU Kernel version : -perf OEM : GAUSB1A135100 Build Number : 15609 Thanks a lot.
  2. JoNiKaH

    xvid movies on froyo?

    Use this ( http://www.freemake.com/ ) video converter and try to convert your divx files to mp4.
  3. JoNiKaH

    I want to remove STAGE UI

    THANKS. Feel like a major newb. Will try it now.
  4. Can I remove the Stage UI (or disable it) without rooting ? I keep hearing about some other kind of launcher thats more customizable and such. Where can I find tutorials on this or some information ? I think there was a topic around but its either removed or my searchfoo is low today ;) Thanks
  5. JoNiKaH

    2.3 SDK is out today

  6. JoNiKaH


    Allow me to try and get you all that excited once more with a few links and some quotes : 1. 2. http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/01/playsta...ingerbread-and/ 3. Now, keep in mind that this is Sony`s other take on gaming platforms as they did with the GO. SO, 2.3 will be highly optimised for gaming. Can`t find the websites where I also read that Gingerbread will be split in 2. Tablets and Smarthphones AND that it might also come with its own UI and not allow for carriers/manufacturers implementation of their own UI. Next to having every app scalable properly it looks like in a couple of months we`ll be competeing with iOS on every level possible (gaming too).
  7. That`s the place where I want to mount it. Not sure if the support itself can move enough to have the phone in an horizontal position.
  8. Hey guys, so my streak is on its way after A LONG (more than 2 months) waiting period. If you have insurance with LifestyleGroup UK (associated with Lloyds for mobile phone insurances) RUN LIKE HELL and don`t send your phone in for repairs. Back to my questions :P 1. I found this : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Dash-Genie-Phone-Hol...#ht_2951wt_1139 Looks amazing and cheap too. Question is , did anyone use any of these ? I`d like to use one in a Skoda superb (private hire driver) but don`t want to have the phone sitting on the dashboard between me and the passanger so i`d like to use it on a more curved surface next to the steering wheel. Would that work ? Any experience with dashboard/screen holders ? 2. Planning to move from TomTom to CoPilot. As far as I know its one of the few navigation softwares that are GPS only for navigation and internet for other services . Anything better than this ? Thanks
  9. So, theres a lot of free programs out there to convert media from any format to any format. Does anyone know what are the settings for converting movies for Streak ? kbps, fps, bps so that I get best quality while having no problems with large movie files (ex. 700 MB avi or mp4 file) So far I know the best format to play them is mp4. Thanks.
  10. I learned my lesson. Large downloads and stuff done over wi-fi. But the annoying thing is the HD youtube that takes a lot of traffic. Which brings me to ask a question, is there an app that scans and automatically connects to unprotected wi-fi networks ?
  11. I think this is the closest that comes to what you`re wishing : http://www.tradetang.com/for-sale/Bluetoot...18-2428769.html
  12. Its all about the inches. hehe Anyway .. am I the only one around with a contract and a lousy 500 MB traffic monthly allowance ? Shame on O2.

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