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  1. I tried on 2 different browsers and notebooks and no go but it's not that important since I already have r2. Waiting for ready r3 then, thanks!
  2. Hey Paul! The link to r2 doesn't work, after entering capcha it says "File not found". Can you please upload r3 kernel?
  3. Sorry for not updating this thread for a long time. First post has now the latest version available :unsure:
  4. Proudly presenting you the most popular ROM for HTC Desire HD... Users experience with Android Revolution HD "My DHD is now perfectly smooth, fast, stable. I do not expect much more from my phone!" DarkAdrien "2.0.9 + noSense works perfect!" lordofcamster "When I compare my phone running Revolution HD 2.0.9 with my friend's DHD on stock with all the latest OTA, I really can't understand how and why a single man can optimize so badly a Rom to take the most advantage of our phones...(...)" DarkAdrien "Feels a lot smoother in use - scrolling, swiping between sense screens. Much nicer feel. This is a real good one, Mike. Many thanks :-)" dsm52 PLEASE READ THE F.A.Q. DOWN THIS POST !!! » Visit Team Revolution website now! « » Join me & my Revolution Team on Freenode live chat! « If you appreciate my work, you can buy me a beer. My every ROM has more than 10.000 downloads.
  5. Hello all developers, Since a long time I'm trying to implement one feature into my ROM - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=840040 I've already tried the following: 1. I created init.d script called 90setlocation with following commands: but it doesn't work. Default InstallLocation is still 0 [auto] 2. I created install-recovery.sh file which I placed in etc folder. install-recovery.sh has the following commands: also I tried with: but non of them works. install-recovery.sh should be executed from init.rc in boot.img but even if I add it to init.d script "/system/etc/install-recovery.sh" the default InstallLocation is still 0. I know I can do it with adb shell by typing pm setInstallLocation 1 or I can use e.g. Move2SD Enabler app but I want to have it set to 1 by default from the very beginning without need to change it after flashing ROM. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. No worries, will be ready for today probably :)
  7. No adb.exe in new SDK. Strange... I wonder what changes they made to zipalign.exe
  8. I took out the image file and flashed it via fastboot :P
  9. Flashed new recovery via ROM Manager but I still have R2 Paul's recovery.
  10. Any news on that? Is this new, fixed production line confirmed?
  11. Thanks! Do you think I can remove original keyboard and replace with this one?
  12. So factory reset would be enough? BTW. I was wondering if now we have possibility to change the HD keyboard into the one from Z? I hate arrows in my keyboard. I'd love to have bigger letters instead. What do you think Paul?
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