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  1. Thanks for your feedback, We (Soroush0313 & Mk256) are still searching for other bugs and working on them to solve them. I haven't seen anything before about flashing phone about 100 times but I Myself flash my phone more than 500 Times :lol: And i think there is no prorblem.
  2. Hello. I don't know what is the best Italian CSC to use But maybe my friends know that. You also can use fubo roms. @becosemsaida: Thanks a lot man. Maybe in the next version :)
  3. Change log: July 28th: more speed! New build "29022"Uzard web browser addedPapepool 16New theme"Jeans"some appearence changes in sense ROMsNew look for the ROM"cookie (MS Team)"Some optimizations in weather animations ****************************************** May 12th: Leaving classic stuff ! So many appearance changes in all ROMs even lite onesKrazy Radd icons used instead of firestormOld themes removedWP7 theme addedMix & Match v10Windroid v11 (sense 3.0)Some new stuff in ROMsSome fixes in people messaging modeA new skin for windroid dialerSystem font changedMicrosoft office added in lite ROM (after too many requests) ****************************************** April 12th: Major update More free ram (about 60 mb in cookie ROMs!)Two types of lockscreen (you can switch between them)More stable senseCommManager updated to beautiful phone canvasNew skin for phone canvas in sencity ROM (thanks to Rooster100)Text mode in bubble tiles enabled for better looking in phone canvas (thanks to ultrashot)HTC Messaging client removedGoogle maps removedHTC teeter addedPeople messaging mode by kimi_sae_ireba enabledNew contact problem in phone canvas fixedMMS fixed (thanks to beta rom testers)Mix & Match v7Android icons for Windroid ROMNew design for Windroid theme ****************************************** March 16th: New Build A new build (29017)Delvius registry tweaker added (Just in sense and cookie ROMs)Titanium added(In all ROMs except Ulite)Samsung Today patch by sgoo addedProblems for threaded messaging solved in Lite and Ulite ROMsA new theme (Mix & Match)Windroid v9 ****************************************** March 1st: Major Update HTC Notification enhancement removedFaster Sense (especially in settings tab)Too many changes in appearance (More eye candy)A new look for softkey buttons (turned into blue) ****************************************** February 18th : Some minor fixes Newer HT lockscreenMore stable lite and Ulite ROMDinik skin for cht editor in Dinik ROMSMS and Email widget skinned with Dinik's theme in Dinik ROMLess crashes in cht editorAnd so many minor fixes ****************************************** February 8th : Manila 2021 and Build 28244 BUUf themeNew windroid theme (v8)New GPS patchAction screen addedLockscreen wallpaper fixedSome issues in microsoft office fixed.Sencity skin for CHT editor just in .sencity ROM ****************************************** January 30th : The best set of MS Team ROMs Compact menu and Ameba service added for sense and cookie RomsCht lockscreen fixedNew windroid theme ****************************************** January 20th : Our first cookie roms Faster senseimproved sense graphics Microsoft office addedA new Start menu (Thanks to Gbnor from XDA)Phone canvas editedNew menu enhancement(Seems too much faster)New notification enhancementBold font fixedLivven theme removedSMS sent notification disabled ****************************************** December 10th : All roms updated Switched to JJ1 driversOver clocking tool added (for sense roms)Some packages updated (for sense roms)Phone canvas with MS Team style added (for sense roms)Leo menus added (for sense roms)Call history icon in slider fixed (for sense roms)Faster performancemore eye candy (in 6.5.3 roms)new build "23150" (for 6.5.3 roms)delivery report enabled (for all roms)livven theme by defaultnewer browser snapshot (for sense roms) ****************************************** November 26th : Our first sense rom Sense Roms: Manila core 2.5.20191914.0Newest manila package from from the latest Leo Rom (some of them are from kydkylin's manila package) new 6.5.3 build (23699)all icons icons changedWindows phone splash screen and welcomeheadManila Stock and Call history tab addedCFC compressedSense graphics improved( As you see in the screenshots ) ****************************************** November 18th : Minor update JI1 6.5.3 Lite : newer 6.5.3 build (28244)all icons icons changed JI1 6.5.3 ULite : newer 6.5.3 build (28244)all icons changedWindows phone splash screen and welcomeheadwm volume slider enabled ****************************************** November 12th : JH2 6.5.3 Lite: Amarullz Blue Black Theme removeddark ninja desire taskbar addedHTC sim manager removedmore icons changednew splash screen and welcomeheadSamsung Today addedSamsung widget plus removedwm messaging skinned JH2 6.5.3 ULite: all icons changednew splash screen and welcomeheadwm volume slider enabledwm messaging skinned ****************************************** November 6th : Quick update issues regarding being stuck at the boot screen in the lite rom fixed. ****************************************** November 5th : Our first Build JH2 6.5.3 Lite: Samsung sms skin disabledPatch –Disable File signing /Certificate checkingSoft key bar font size changedSMS time fixedWM SMS thread enabled4rows start menuXtra enabled by defaultSMS Delivery Notification enabled by defaultHTC Gsensor EmulatorFull Pack iReflect icons JH2 6.5.3 ULite: Samsung sms skin disabledPatch –Disable File signing /Certificate checkingSoft key bar font size changedSMS time fixedWM SMS thread enabled4rows start menuXtra enabled by defaultSMS Delivery Notification enabled by defaultHTC Gsensor EmulatorDefault icons
  4. Welcome to the "MS Team ROM" thread Hey guys At first We have to thank some people. 1. Speedfrog, for his support, 2. Twu2, for his script, 3. Wes58, for his ROM tool 4. Sorg, for his dskdump 5. Shadowangel, for his guide to change PP and his support 6. Rapid81, for his support, And a special thanks to kydkylin for his manila package. And there are some guys from XDA: 1.Laurentius26 for his support 2.Gbnor for making a start menu for us 3.Santod040 for the cookie analogue clock(you find more works from him here) 4.Agent Zach for the cookie digital clock(you find more works from him here) 5.Ultrashot for his support A summary about roms: Password:MS Team Sense & Cookie Roms: Installed Progrmas: Clean RamMM Task ManagerData ControllerOpen GLES V1Soft ResetSDK certsHTC NotificationsHTC G-Sensor emulatorDelvius registry tweakerMicrosoft OfficeEasy set s3 ClockHTC TeeterSamsung SDKSamsung keypadFM RadioPhoto albumPower CalculatorCall logPhone bookMarketplaceTouch ClockJavaMy Files Installed Progrmas:MM Task ManagerData ControllerOpen GLES V1Soft ResetSDK certsHTC NotificationsHTC G-Sensor emulatorEasy set s3 ClockNinja Samsung Today with some changesMicrosoft OfficeSamsung keypad [*]FM Radio [*]Photo album [*]Power Calculator [*]Call log [*]Phone book [*]Marketplace [*]My Files ULite Roms: Installed: [*]Open GLES V1 [*]Soft Reset [*]SDK certs [*]HTC G-Sensor emulator What’s not removed: [*]Samsung keypad Some descriptions about cookie flavours: MrBeOTP2's Windroid: [*]This is his final windroid theme. [*]Offers too many widgets like weather , battery and etc. [*]Desire Taskbar [*]Android icons [*]Sense 3.0 lockscreen [*]Original thread Manalas's Mix & Match: [*]This is a his v10. [*]Offers a great graphic. [*]GRADD MONKA Taskbar [*]K.Radd icons [*]Original thread Cookie (MS Team): [*]Most of the graphics by K.Radd [*]Sim clock [*]K.Radd icons [*]GRADD MONKA taskbar [*]Original thread WP7: [*]Another great work by MrBeOTP2 [*]Nordpolcampers's taskbar [*]WP7 icons [*]Swipe to Unlock lockscreen [*]Original thread Fixes: Here is a link for removed programs: http://www.hotshare....97634682b7.html If you have problem with the mirrors you can find another mirrors in these posts:#45 , #95, #122,#434
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