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  1. Thanks. I can also confirm that a 32GB card is working. Picked it up for £7.50 and it's class 10.
  2. Prise off the back and look at where the power button is. Stick a small piece of card in between the physical button and where it is pressing.
  3. Use a different launcher then when the launcher is open, press menu, then preferences so you enter the Launcher preferences. It should be under appearance so something similar. Go launcher, apex, and Nova support it and others.
  4. I remembered when posted something similar to this when the T-Mobile Pulse was on Eastenders
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/99guivunkpstsfh/update.zip There is a link to the xolo 4.0.4 ics update. I would NOT recommend using the OTA update because then you will get their further patches on top which remove all possibilities of root. If you want root, do not use OTA.
  6. You don't make it seem civil at all. Please don't reply, don't even reply as an acknowledgement, please just do as all a favour and don't post.
  7. So do I - because iPlayer can't be used on our phones
  8. that's because the phone has a worse wifi receiver than your laptop and tablet
  9. Go onto settings, accounts and sync and find the ones with contacts (e.g. Facebook). You must have them installed. Then select sync contacts and make sure syncing is on overall. Or you can try another contacts app which has account settings for contacts implemented
  10. They must have been youtube videos or youtube embedded videos because that is all that is supported. However it does support HTML 5
  11. No it will remain unlocked. The ROM and the SIM have nothing to do with each other
  12. Well it's better than the San Diego so if you look at it that way, it is a good replacement
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