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  1. You've got a San Francisco (or other Blade model), right? If so, the usual problem is that you've protected your SIM with your own PIN (4 digits) and the phone prompts for that first. It will request "SIM network unlock PIN" when it wants the 8 digit unlocking code.
  2. You need the stock (ZTE) dialler appropriate to that ROM. And on that ROM you may need emode.apk and to activate the Emode first (see first post).
  3. Not really a surprise, is it? Try asking for unlock mechanisms in the correct forum for your phone.
  4. The code generation in the app ought to work on any Android phone. Can you be a little more specific about which phone (and ROM) you are worried about?
  5. I don't remember any reports that it doesn't work. Which specific Gen2 device are you worried about? (The Orange SanFran is still a Gen1, running 2.1.)
  6. As you have unlocked successfully it is probably worth posting this in a more sensible place (perhaps a thread of its own, or search for the error message and post in one of those threads). Would be helpful if you specified exactly when you get this error message, too.
  7. Surely if you've got any worries about the 'need' to unroot you'd just be using the temporary root option? :)
  8. You need Display.apk, Buttons.apk, SDCard.apk, PhoneBitsAndBobs.apk, WirelessThingy.apk, WhereAmIPleaseGPS.apk, WhichWayCompass.apk, CrappyCamera.apk, VariableVideo.apk, TiltyStuff.apk, IsThatMyEar.apk and SomeoneTurnedTheLightsOff.apk.
  9. And does your upload rate change between Gen1 and Gen2 on SS4? Maybe we need to start looking for radio hardware differences (using the dialler code info screen?)?
  10. Excellent work chaps! Now, the $64,000 question: what benefits has anyone seen from the Gen2 kernel, RIL and libraries?
  11. Maybe some of these use a proxy (which is usually setup automatically by the browser on 'proper' computers). To use a proxy on the Blade you need to be running 2.2+ and something like the excellent TransProxy. But you'll probably also need to manually find out the proxy details, by finding and examining the proxy.pac (or wpad.dat) being offered by the wifi network, since Transproxy doesn't do the auto bit.
  12. Yay! So this may be a step towards swapping phones between Gen1 and Gen2? So us with Gen1 Blades could try the Gen2 ROMs?
  13. Isn't that the stock Android recovery? Didn't think we had that on our Blades.
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