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  1. This could provide me with a reason to upgrade to Gen2 :mellow: Has anyone tried out Google Listen with this? I'm guessing it won't work as it didn't on r11b originally - but seeing as I can't find any reason why it works on some roms and not others I don't know whether using a different kernel, etc. might fix it :o
  2. Same issue here - the force close happens when trying to perform a search from the address bar, works fine if simply entering addresses / going to www.google.co.uk first and searching from there.
  3. It's not normal behaviour - I really like google listen (it's simple and just works, unlike all other podcast apps i have tried) - unfortunately it doesn't work with a lot of the blade ROMs (as in it does what you experienced - will only download one thing at a time then messes itself up)
  4. Just flashed r8a after using Seb's de-crossed for a while... was hoping that Listen was back working again (works on de-crossed) but sadly the same issue as on many other roms (which wasn't present in the early releases of FLB) - still will only allow one downloaded file at a time (anything that was downloaded goes back to "waiting" as soon as you try to download another). First impressions are that it is lovely and smooth - but I would dearly love a fix for Listen! :P
  5. Yep - see my post a few pages back and the one following it... QUOTE(ovolactohippo @ Jan 29 2011, 11:30) Anyone else not able to get suggestions / autocomplete on the android keyboard? The options are there and ticked but don't do anything for me. Yes, I find the same thing...
  6. Anyone else not able to get suggestions / autocomplete on the android keyboard? The options are there and ticked but don't do anything for me.
  7. Installed r.01 last night and had the same issue with trying to add a google account over wifi. Set up my giffgaff APN manually and that worked for browser, but still gave me the same "unable to establish a stable connection" error setting up a google account. Reboot sorted it for me though and worked fine using mobile data.
  8. Well it looks like we've made a fair dent in the lead!
  9. ovolactohippo

    Giffgaff and SF?

    Taking it back off-topic again... :) It should be a simple matter of going to "spread giffgaff", then "giffgaff banners", choose the banner you want and it will take you to a screen with the HTML needed for the banner. You copy the whole of the code, go to the community, into "my community settings", then "personal information" and paste it into the signature box. Try it without putting anything else in (no other text) first to check it works - a few times it's tried to reformat it when I've added extra stuff and messed with the code that was already there.
  10. Agreed with the coverage, but ooh, how I dislike advertising with an asterisk and small print! :)
  11. ovolactohippo

    Giffgaff and SF?

    Yep - just go to your "spread giffgaff" page and you activate your affiliate link there :)
  12. Come come, that's not true :) giffgaff offer unlimited texts, unlimited data (no FUPs) and 150 mins for £10 per month when you buy the £10 goodybag. In fact, until the end of December there's a bonus 100 mins too so that's 250 mins! Running on O2's network. Also £5 free credit when ordered from another member once topped up with £10 at activation (and the member gets £5 payback for that too). For sake of having the link here if someone did want it (rather than shamelessly touting myself ;P) my affiliate link is: http://giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/ovolactohippo
  13. ovolactohippo

    Giffgaff and SF?

    giffgaff support on other forums, foregoing the possible payback - that's dedication! (or maybe it gets more payback because it pulls in referrals? ;P) As someone who never uses MMS I would go for the giffgaffapn app every time - can be downloaded from the market over wifi :)
  14. That's the issue exactly - was not working with any ROM I have tried (I don't think) apart from flibblesan's. Was not working on the out-of-the-box Orange software either. Thanks for the quick reply flibblesan - I'm planning on going back to your ROM simply for listen at the moment!
  15. I'm using the alpha3 and it's pretty awesome ;) One of the things I loved about Flibblesan's Beta ROM was that Google Listen worked with it (didn't with the original orange rom) - but it looks like it doesn't work with this one :P Anyone tried google listen on this ROM and got it working? Any ideas what the problem is? It only seems to want to download one thing at a time (and gets rid of the last download - back to "waiting" status - everytime you start a new download).

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