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  1. Ok, but, looks like there is something wrong with the battery indicator... I'm using CyanogenMod Beta1 as my default OS since 6.12.2011... Everything works great and since I installed Juice Defender the battery is lasting 16h-18h with no problem. The thing is, in the past week my phone stopped working with aprox. 22% battery. Completely dead, even WinMo wouldn't start... When I got home I put it on the charger and the battery was dead for the both times, completely dead, the first time even having trouble to start charging... I went back to WinMo again since then with no such problem so far so I don't think the problem is with the battery... I've uninstalled Juice Defender too and started to use Android eventually and once again the phone was dead saying the battery was still at 20%... Anyone having the same problems? thanks!
  2. Ok, you don't use SD Card, but did you left it on the slot? Without the SDCard on the slot it won't work...
  3. Same problem here... Impossible to reproduct cause of not waking up... CPU Tuner SEEM to agravate it, but could be sure...
  4. Thank you Omnian_v! It worked like a charm! I was screwing up with startup.txt, now it's working perfecly!!! I've quote your full post to keep it alive, it worked beautifully! Thank you so much!
  5. Hi guys, I need some help installing this new beta... Well, first of all, before you start to tell me to look at the previous posts, well, I already did it... read everything from page 154 to now... I tryed adjusting my tryies with everyone posts, but still, there was no success... What I tried is basically this, I did some modifications on every try with suggestions on the posts, but, my tries were basically those that follow: 1) I tried to follow the same how-to of beta3 doing exactly the same steps and there was no good: Got stuck at the new logo (O2Droiod) (P.S.: Edited startup.txt just like the example on FAQ but changing the partition to the internal memory) 2) Re-formatted and tried again, this time without editing init.rc or fstab... Still no good, got stuck and "Loading Android for Omnia II" logo. (P.S.: As the previous attempt, edited startup.txt just like the example on FAQ but changing the partition to the internal memory) 3) Re-formatted and tried again, this time doing an "update-like" install: I installed the beta3, it was working fine... then extracted the ext4.tar to the ext4 partition and edited init.rc and fstab too... Still no good, got stuck at "Loading Android for Omnia II" logo. (P.S.: Again, as the previous attempt, edited startup.txt just like the example on FAQ but changing the partition to the internal memory) Well, so, I have 2 questions: 1) Anyone did a manual succesfull installl would care to send me a how-to? 2) The automatic installer will delete my "My Storage! contents? I repartioned my cell to a 7gb fat32, a 1gb ext4 and a swap, by the way... Thanks for the help! Regards!
  6. Same here... I'm only beeing able to use it with autorotate off... was working all right before update... And yes, I did everything README.txt told me to do, by the way...
  7. Hi guys! I'm trying to install beta3 on my storage with no or little sucess... I'm going to try to delete my extended partition destroying the hidden partition, as the Step-by-Step recommends... But, I have two questions: 1) What the heck is on the hidden partition? And which the heck is it's file system? 2) Deleting the partition system will make my WinMo system unoperable? Can I still use the WinMo if I delete the extended partition? Thanks! Pessoa
  8. Hi everyone! I was away and lost the launch of beta3, now, I'm going to install it trying to make an update from my beta2 installation... But, I have a question: Reading the post, some ppl said that to do that update to Internal Memory would be just unzip frb2update to root and copy zImage to My Storage. Is this correct? And, second, I was trying to use a swap partition on beta2 so my Internal Memory already have a swap partition, my question is: Will beta3 use the swap automatic or is there something I need to configure first? Thanks for everything devs! Congrats!
  9. Non offense taken... I need the space because I'm an attending doctor on an ER, I use the apps for lots of things while working and I need to be mobile... It's pretty hard to fit a 42" screen on my coat's pocket... :D! Even a 7" is pretty hard, imagine 42"! :D! Well, thanks again for the help!
  10. That change that makes /storage readeable? If yes, well... Tryed, couldn't succeced... I can list /storage with "ls" on terminal, but cannot open it on File Manager... But that did not stopped market to install apps before... Well... I tried AoSra1n suggestion of reinstalling on a 1Gb partition, and it worked... tried 2Gb and it worked again... I'm only having problem with the 3Gb partition... Is there any other modification on init.rc needed for a larger partition? Or any modifications on init.rc needed for a My Storage install? Thanks for the help!
  11. So... Ok, let's assume my problem is IMEI related... Why the heck my data conection with my phone operator still goes on as usual?? And why the heck market keep telling me i don't have enough space even though I have a 3Gb partition with only the content of ext4.tar.gz on it? Does it have something to do with IMEI too??? Because, before it, Market worket perfectly... Please, at least help me out with the Market issue...
  12. Ok... About the "no call / no SMS" problem... I know the IMEI issue is on everybody's mouth, but, there is something different going on with my phone, and I want to know if my problem is the same... Voyteckst, please help me understand... What happens is, when I try to make a call, it goes to that "calling screen" and miliseconds afterwards it gets disconnected... I got no incoming calls and cannot send or receive SMS... It all happened last saturday, all of the sudden, because friday everything was ok... By the way, data is beeing transmited by 3G and EDGE with no problem, as if the phone was working normally... a thing that is really confusing to me... The thing that is bothering me is that, I have formatted my SD card and reinstalled the beta2, with a 3Gb ext4 partition. So, lots of free space, right?? But, since the "no call / no SMS" problem started, when I try to install something from the Market, it says to me that there is no free space to install it! Any app at all!!! Are the two problems related?? Thanks!
  13. Not only I have the exact same problem but IT STARTED EXACTLY ON SATURDAY TOO!!! Any bizarre automatic updates going on on saturday?

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