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  1. A couple of power cycles and the app appeared. App works fine. I got the G2 tether update pushed to my phone today. Glad to report that Visionary works fine with the updated rom. Paul, thx for a great app.
  2. Today the visionary app vanished from my phone. I have used the app numerous times since dl to my phone. The phone had not rebooted, but a generic icon appeared on the shortcut that was on my desktop. I checked the apps drawer and the app was not there. I checked Settings>Applications>Manage applications and the app wasn't listed there. I still had root and confirmed it by using the drocap2 app. I tried to install the app from the market and got the error message: "Installation error" Package file is invalid. Has anyone else have this happen? I can't delete the app from my phone since that has already happened. I tried to install the app twice and got the same error message. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thx
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