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  1. Maybe I got unlucky :( If anyone else signs up from today onwards can you let me know if it worked for you! Thanks
  2. Hmm, has the $25 free loan thing died? I'm a member of team Modaco, but it wants a paypal address and it looks like I haven't got the free loan :(
  3. Pretty much all the ones in Swindon are in O2 shops, or McDonalds. Ah well, might come in handy at some point!
  4. Done and done. Cheers for the heads up Paul! My cradle, charger and £25 cheque is on it's way now :D
  5. Slightly OT, but if you've appreciated the work that's gone into CM7 by HCDRJacob then please vote for him to receive a DesireHD as a gift from ChainsDD. Sure he'd appreciate that, especially if you've not donated anything towards his pizza fund ;) http://rootzwiki.com/showthread.php?4629-Desire-HD-for-a-UK-Dev&p=94536#post94536
  6. Brilliant work guys, donation will be on it's way on payday. Been up and running for a few hours now and it's pretty impressive! One slight problem though, there doesn't seem to be a video player (as in local video app) included. I know I can just download any, but the stock app is the default used by some other apps (like plex), and they play silly buggers without it!
  7. If you want a charging cable only I found THIS one at DealExtreme to be good. All of the 10 charging points only have power, no data. Charges everything I've thrown at it (although it says not more than 1 device at a time)
  8. Does look interesting, saw a £99 price point being said around the net for it. Guessing it'll be 256mb of ram as well, from what I could find via google the processor is a 600MHz Rockchip RK2818. So with 256mb of ram and a 600mhz cpu it's going to be a fair bit slower than my ZTE blade :)
  9. Interesting read thanks for the write up! So is it confirmed that it's only 256mb of ram now then?
  10. It'll need a price decrease to stay competitive once the andypad is released IMO. It looks like the tablet market is all going to hot up awfully soon
  11. Just read through this thread, and I must say that you've done some brilliant work Eduardo! Like most of the others it's way over my head, but just to let you know your hard work is greatly appreciated! Many thanks :)
  12. Brilliant work on this guys! Can't wait until google finally releases the source code to aosp!!
  13. That's why you flash the deskclock addon after installing SS. Download is provided in KKs SS thread, really not a very hard problem to resolve :)
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