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  1. Aktually ZTE Blade for 49,90 € in germany and out of germany 69,90€: http://www.ebay.de/i...#ht_2892wt_1273 He send from germany to all european countrys!
  2. Adreno 200 libs not included. You have to flash them by yourself or wait for targetbsp update.
  3. - My ZTE Blade is out of the first series, they had better displays (AMOLED). They need less battery than LCD. - GEN1 = generation 1. I had to transform my GEN1 Kernel to GEN2 Kernel to use actually ROMS like CM 7.2
  4. Configuration: Device: ZTE Blade (AMOLED, GEN1->GEN2) Recovery: recovery-clockwork- (http://www.modaco.co...40#entry1948783) Rom: 30May-update-cm-7.2.0-RC1-blade-UNOFFICIAL-signed.zip (dont worry its RC3) (http://www.mediafire...53dbbdmm6tgg14d) Kernel: archish new compiled kernel (http://www.modaco.co...20#entry1960718) AnTuTu Benchmark v2.8.2 score (without SD-Card test): SCORE: 1589 RAM: 111 CPU integer: 232 CPU float-point: 175 2D graphics: 296 3D graphics: 610 Database IO: 165 CPU frequency: 122-729 MHz Govenor: ondemand
  5. Maybe your setting could be good, the settings from [email protected] post arent good. Could you take screenshot of your settings plz?
  6. Could anyone plz post good auto-brightness values for AMOLED Blade?
  7. Nice, i read the thread. The introduction on XDA to flash and edit. build.prop is useless. And deleting the libGLES_android.so also. If you delete this file you turn off the software-acceleration and always force hardware-acceleration. The right introduction is only flash with CWM and thats it. THX Akash P for post it.
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