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  1. ok, so i HAVE to do the unlocking section too. ok. But where do i get the files from if multiupload isnt working? I have already wrote down the mac and imei numbers.
  2. Gonna put a debranded rom on my gf's san fran 2 but wanted to make sure i got this right before i do. She doesnt need it unlocked as she's on orange so I asume I can do just these steps.. Install clockwork recovery via adb put the rom and kernel (using the debranded flb2 one) on the sd card boot into clockwork wipe data install rom install kernel done? Also, i cant get to half these files as the links arent working. Where do i get adb from? How much extra space do you get once all the orange crap is off it? Am i right in thinking i can ignore the 'unlocking' section if she's on orange anyway?
  3. For the record I've no intention of using the said site to unlock my phone. Was just curious as to how they can offer a code. How do tmobile unlock your phone if you request that? Also, out of curiosity, I looked at the so easy instructions for 'Unlocking Your Phone said:' and I get to the fourth step and it says 'If your see Clockwork Mod....' Ok. at no point in the previous three instructions does it mention a single thing about installing this. It also mentions it twice more before the end. If this Clockwork mod is so important to the process, shouldnt it be mentioned to be installed at some point early on? Rather than 'oh if you havent got this program that we've mentioned jack about, now is the time to install it' That's not meant to sound that sarcastic but it's to demonstrate how confusing the instructions are if you dont do this every day. And even if you do, doesnt mean you wont be taking your first attempt back to the shop does it.
  4. I see this site littered with bricked phones and people stuck left right and center. That tells me how easy it is. Just looked at the instructions for unlocking and the first part mentions clockowork recovery twice yet at no point does it mention that it needs installing. lol. No wonder that thread is full of bricked phones.
  5. How come sites like http://www.unlockallcellular.com/mobile-vivacity-unlock-code-p-197499.html can unlock the phone via a code? Yet we have to dismantle the software to do it? To be honest, I'd rather pay for a code and not brick my phone by doing something that's not straight forward.
  6. Instead of suggesting people mix a bit of this zip with a bit of that zip and make sure you mixed it with the right zip, why cant we just have two zip files that dont need fannying around with so you either download one or the other without pissing about afterwards? Is that really that difficult to do? This thread would be four pages shorter if someone had done that in the first place.
  7. i didnt need to do that. once i'd uninstalled and rebooted and reinstalled launcherpro, it had corrected itself. Must be a problem with the app as lots of people seem to have it regardless of what phone. Just hope it doesnt do it too often.
  8. I uninstalled launcherpro then rebooted and reinstalled it. Working fine again using the exact same setup i had as before. The calendar is the only LP widget i have on.
  9. I have had launcherpro on for a few weeks now and the other day out the blue i noticed that my battery was draining pretty quickly. I did a few reboots and charged it a few times but no change.. Today I swapped to the regular homescreen and now the battery is back to normal. Why would launcherpro do this? It's pretty obvious that it is causing the problem but is there a fix for it? I prefer that to any other homescreen I've had.
  10. i added the mcri-system-stock-OUK_P729BV1.0.0B05.tar.gz to the sd card and renamed it. rebooted, nothing. tried the other command for the other files and it just sits there and says 'waiting for device'. do i need usb drivers for the phone when running the commands? why doesnt it install the renamed mcri-system.tar.gz file? that's not exactly hard to do so i cant be doing it wrong. i've taken the battery out and factory resetted a few times now just in case. i can access the sd card through the usb cable so it's not like it cant see the phone.
  11. i had to ring up today to order a replacement one. We have two and one of them hardly charges up and the phone gets so hot. Only removed orange apps and not put any other roms on.
  12. ok, i did all this and it was fine.. i rebooted my san fran and now have a black screen with the letters FTM in a white box. Now what? scratch that, i took the battery out and it now booted.. had me going for a second there!
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