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  1. targetbsp

    Update Blade V to Android 5? Is this fake?

    Hosted on there... it is almost certainly a scam.
  2. targetbsp

    [Q] Highborn eps 1, 2 & 3

    I don't think the game was a massive success. Putting it only on the Amazon appstore, rather than the far more popular google play can't have helped their android sales. Especially as this was back when Amazon was US only. Also, I forgot to try this and have since kinda retired my hudl! A tablet didn't suit my lifestyle much. I ended up still using my old netbook. So I bought an ultrabook to replace both!
  3. targetbsp

    How to root your Hudl 2

    You won't save massive amounts of power by lowering the CPU speed. It'll be the backlight that's causing the screen power usage. Brightness will be the biggest thing there.
  4. targetbsp

    [Q] Highborn eps 1, 2 & 3

    I have the first one on my phone (the rest on PC) so I'll try it on the tablet when I have chance. IIRC, whilst good games, the amazon reviews do suggest they are ropey compatibility wise.
  5. Typically on an Android device... it does just that! You got the classic tech support 'turn it off and on again' as far as I can see! :)
  6. targetbsp

    Files being moved to Lost.dir

    Lost.dir always needs to be there. You can do what you want with what's in it but the folder should be there. So it's not a problem that it recreated it. :)
  7. targetbsp

    Files being moved to Lost.dir

    There should be an icon in the windows system tray. You should click it and choose eject before unplugging any external storage in Windows otherwise you can't guarantee it has been safely written (due to caching etc) You might also want to run a Windows chkdsk on the sd card if you haven't been ejecting it.
  8. targetbsp

    Files being moved to Lost.dir

    Are you remembering to 'eject' the sd card in windows before unplugging the usb cable? It could also be a problematic SD card. I had a similar issue on a phone that was fixed by switching to a different model of sd card.
  9. targetbsp

    January OTA feedback for Tesco

    From what people have been saying, there was a full on equaliser before. Not just presets. I never looked at it myself! You said you charged it 'earlier'. How much earlier? In my experience, Android tends not to notice it's battery depletion so much during standby - and then really make up for it when you next use it by plummeting the battery level to what it should be.
  10. targetbsp

    Dolby Equalizer removed in Hudl2 update?

    Yeah, it's been discussed in here that it's gone: http://www.modaco.com/topic/374369-january-ota-analysis-and-discussion/
  11. targetbsp

    How to root your Hudl 2

    No worries. And yeah. I'd never touched Linux myself before getting my first Android and coming to this site either!
  12. targetbsp

    How to root your Hudl 2

    He did post this earlier in the thread: http://www.modaco.com/topic/373642-how-to-root-your-hudl-2/?p=2236261 If he's not even sure where to get the drivers, his instructions aren't going to show them. :) I think most stuff around here is fairly Linux oriented because Android is Linux based. And Windows, as you've seen, is a pain in the bum at all this! I would have done this in Linux myself if I hadn't had to get rid of it due to a lack of drive space a few months ago! My Blade and SGS rooting was all done in Linux.
  13. targetbsp

    How to root your Hudl 2

    You don't have a fastboot driver. Have a look at the discussion between rootmydevices and me, particularly with regards to pda.net
  14. targetbsp

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Guess so! Good luck. :)
  15. targetbsp

    How to root your Hudl 2

    That mgiht be a great thing! That might well mean it's the only needed driver. Which would simplify things a lot. It did say, when I installed it, that I had an existing ADB driver (the hudl 2 one) which suggests it was trying to install it's own. But I was already passed that stage so I had no idea if it would have worked so didn;t recommend it above. :D I would like to point out at this juncture that I intend to be drunk in 20 minutes and will then cease to be much use until tomorrow. :D

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