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  1. gidtf

    Showbox App

    Has anyone got Showbox running on their Hudle 2 lollipop. The app is starting up but when I pick a show or movie to stream the app stops and closes with the message showbow has stopped.
  2. Hi My unrooted Hudl has suddenly started draining the battery faster tan normal. I have looked at the battery stats and noted that something is stopping it from sleeping. Android OS is showing a very high percentage of keep awake compared to total on time. Is there a way to find out what may be preventing it from sleeping, I have looked at wakelock detector but unfortunately that need root. Thanks Andy.
  3. Re-installed RR3 and its now running just fine post update. So as Gazza has said its def worthwhile re-installing any apps that are misbehaving after the update.
  4. Wonder if it may be worthwhile to try re-installing RR3 to see if it fixes anything. I am assuming you are running the latest version of RR3.
  5. Installed the update just fine last night but now find that Real Racing 3 now no longer runs and gives the dreaded "unfortunately real racing 3 has stopped" message when the app starts.
  6. gidtf

    Real Racing 3

    The Game worked fine on my Hudl2 until the last Nov update. Now when I start it up, it fails with the message unfortunately Real Racing 3 has stopped.
  7. What version of Superuser did you use for the tmp unroot for sky go ?
  8. Have you compiled your larest version without the buggy newer adreno libs yet. I only see a version with the newer libs on your blade site.
  9. My battery has drained in less than 12 hours and on checking battery usage its mainly Android system and has been running for the full 12hrs and not sleeping. Whats the best method to locate what app/widget may be stopping the phone sleeping. I am curently running the lates CM7 rom. I updated a few apps last night but rather than rolling them all back I would like to find the culprit. Will betterbaterystats tell me this info or is there a better alternative.
  10. Is there a way to check if your 3G is connecting on 900 or 2100 mhz. My local O2 tower has both frequencies as far as I am aware but my 3G signal is V weak where as my "G signal is full bars. I am curently running latest CM7.
  11. Is there a way to check if your 3G is connecting on 900 or 2100 mhz. My local O2 tower has both frequencies as far as I am aware.
  12. Thanks TigTex that makes a lot of scence as to whats happening at the moment when not set to 2G. However as its been ok on 3G at home and locally untill the last couple of days I'm hoping its a network problem and will return to normal 3G signal soon.
  13. Although the O2 network status is now showing all ok I'm still experiencing the same problems with No Signal etc.However if I set it to use 2g only the signal is ok. I only notice the problem in my v local area so hoping that its still a local network problem that will hopefully soon get sorted and things will get back to as they were. Its just ironic that the problem surfaced shortly after updating to a later ROM.
  14. O2 is now showing that a locl tower is not working. Hoipefully this will be my problem and not related to the new Rom.
  15. I updated my rom to 7.2.0 stable about a week ago. Over the last couple of days I have noticed that my signal has become very erratic and quite a lot of No Signal. Sometimes it can go from 1 bar to Full Signal then down to No Signal within a matter of a few seconds with the phone just sat on a table. I have also had it showing as receiving a signal (network app) but the phone still saying No Signal (no network connection)My system partition is still set to 140mb and was wondering if lack of room in this partition may be causing some of my issues. Checked on my Mobile network and it shows no probs and another phone on same network is holding its connection ok.
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