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  1. The only thing is that phone memory is small so if i would like more apps in the future then i will have to delete some in order to install new ones, right?
  2. Yes you've done it again. Thanks a lot, after, i think, 10 times that i downloaded and it didn't work your link gave the solution. I have onemore question (for today lol). Should i partition my SD card and if yes how? Thanks
  3. Hello to all and especially to Ilove LG. I try this steps on this thread but it only gives me Driver download which i have and not Pc Suite, however i download the Pc Suite several times and when i press the exe it pops out a black command box and nothing else happens. can you help me here please. Thanks...
  4. Hello again, I have to say i'm sorry if my message seemed like an attack to you. It's just there are ppl like me that they are not experts and we try to follow the instructions anybody give but sometimes not everything goes as planned. So since you do want to help be a bit patient with us (stupid in these kind of things). Finally I have to thank you becouse reseting my factory settings like you said fixed the problem and now my phone works great.
  5. Well not everybody knows everything like you propably and this is why i didn't EDIT like you said. on the other hand if you can not help then don't post reply, leave somebody who can help do it.
  6. Yes it's me again. My phone is not ok. Yes it have 2.1 but it doesn;t have a phone dialer and it keeps pomping windows like : Sorry the process com.Android.one has stop unexpectedly. Please try again, and then Force to close so i will try to download the thing again.
  7. After some reading i put the phone manually to download mode (Power & Volume down button). I disable the LG Modem right after i conect with Pc. i did again the procedure (it took about 30minutes to finish) and everything went fine until the end, then it gave me: UPGRADE ERROR WParam :100 LParam : 6 What does it mean? Is my phone ok? Thank you in advance guys and sorry for the trouble.
  8. Added problem : the phone do not start, it keep flashing the LG logo and closes
  9. Ifixed the problem from before with just removing the battery, so i did the procedure again and.... Different problem now: On the software updater last step is: Drive C Erase and the updater stop working and closes. What to do with that?
  10. SOS Guys I try to upgrade like you say above my GT540 but it is stucked with the screen say DOWNLOAD MODE. I disable the modem from the device manager but now the software updater says PHONE NOT FOUND. What to do ? PLEASE quick reply. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello all, Can somebody give an unlock code for GT540?
  12. Hello all, I know is not the right topic but can somebody give an unlock code for GT540?
  13. Can somebody give an unlock code for GT540?
  14. Can you please say how you upgrade so i can try to mine too?
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