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  1. Picked this phone up for £69.99 from Argos. The Specs are OK for the price, the is a community, but it is mainly based in Spanish speaking countries. It can be unlocked from Virgin for £15, you I can use your compulsory credit to pay for the unlock. I managed to get the phone rooted using Framaroot CWM and KitKat ROM Download Flash CWM using Flashify. Then flash ROM as usual. There is also a version of MIUI floating around, but I have not tried it yet. Does anyone else have this device ? Any tips ? Any other ROMs available ?
  2. Thanks Paul, I was trying to drag launchers from the home screen to dock rather than the drawer.
  3. Does anyone know how to change the apps in the dock ?nothing seems to be working I have tried draging apps out but it just makes a duplicate launcher.
  4. My wife's phone is running the leaked Huawei ICS 4.03 just rooted. Tonight her screen looked like this (see pic) A reboot solved it, but it has happened before. Is the a permanent fix for it? Thanks in advance.
  5. What phone ? I am looking for something with a bit more beef than the G300
  6. It happens without autobrightness being enabled. I don't know if Lux will do anything
  7. Ok cool, if it gets worse, its going back then. Does anyone else have the same thing happen ?
  8. So it could be software related then ? My warrantee is void because i have Rooted and installed CWM etc
  9. Or am i going mad ? My N7 screen flickers a lot, usually when using a web browser, after a page stops scrolling. It happens far too often and my warrantee is void so i am just a touch worried. Does anyone else get it ? Any work arounds ? Or is it hardware related ?
  10. Depends on what you want to do. This thread covers most angles though
  11. Sorry, I assume this has been posted somewhere already. But I cannot for love nor money work out how to unlock my bootloader and flash CWM. I have installed B927 eventually using the imei hack method. Now I need to unlock bootloader and install CWM. I have access to Linix and OSX machines only though. I spent about 4 hours googling and searching these forums with no joy. Coild someone point me in the right direction...... Pretty please
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