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  1. I successfully installed this on a G300. However, I'm having a problem with unlocking the phone: I place a SIM from a locked operator on the phone, input the 4-digit simcard PIN and after that I am not prompted with a dialog to input the unlock code I bought. Instead, I just go to the normal KK "desktop" but get no network service. How can I input the unlock code?
  2. How did you apply sej's kernel to this ROM? I'd love to get those results on my Blade :)
  3. Hello, I've been messing around with my Blade, trying to tweak its appearance a little. I downloaded Type Fresh to change the font (currently on JJ ROM). It asked to reboot and now it doesnt move past the android logo! Is it possible to save my contacts, photos and SMS from the phone before flashing a new ROM, hoping it fixes this? Help please! ;) Maybe if I connect the phone to the PC using recovery console I can put the original fonts back in?
  4. Aside from the batt drain and 3G issues, I'm having random touchscreen freezes. I need to turn the screen off/on to solve this. Also, the horrible camera quality, when compared to FroYo ROMs (JJ and Seb's) is annoying. Isn't there anyway we can put that camera.apk into CM? Lastly, a question: is it possible to change the toggle buttons on the notification bar? How can I do that? (I'd like to remove the GPS button and put a Data Connection one instead)
  5. The custom screen on/off animations that appeared on the RC1 aren't appearing on Nightly 6, even if I enable them. Is this normal?
  6. Any chances we have the improved camera options seen in JJ9 and Sebs 2.2? I was on CM7, but had to flash back to Sebs 0.2 simply because I needed to take some decent photos/videos during weekend :\
  7. Just installed this (coming from JJ RLS8) and I can't access 3G, only normal network. (I'm on Portuguese TMN) What's wrong? Also, I can access Internet over WiFi, but the phone can't connect to Google for accounts. I can go to normal google sites through the browser though.
  8. Thanks again taine0, I will give it a shot soon. You removed your "applications" screen?
  9. Olny that it lags the phone a bit and the images aren't very well cropped. I'd like to use the black background + desktop visualizer thing, but it ain't fitting very well either :\
  10. I still can't get different backgrounds for each home screen (unless I use the widget, but then the images are choppy and I get some lag), nor I can add a button to switch home screens without having to swype left/right (launcher pro LPS doesnt seem to be working, and I have no idea how to do that on ADW). Any ideas?
  11. taine0, I don't think LauncherPro+ works for that. I tried doing it using your applications rainbow background on desktop visualizer, but even with resizing I can't make it go fullscreen. I am always left with 2 black vertical lines, one on each corner. I'd use ADW EX, but I really need the calendar widget from LP+..
  12. How do you make one wallpaper for each screen? Is it possible on LauncherPro? taine0, how do you change from each screen on ADW? The icons on the Apps page are blank.png too with the actual pics pasted on the background?
  13. Hello, I'm loving some of the options you brought us with this mod. I'd like to know though, is it possible to change the behaviour/icons of the toggle buttons on the notification bar? IE, I'd like to get the WiFi page opened when I click the WiFi button.
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