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  1. i found an app in google seaching that u can just type somebodies name and search if he or she has an email. for sure if u are seaching for an email belongs to ur friend or somebody close. it costs some but i payed for that. found already 2 email adresses of my idiot thirdclass teachers :) here the link..... http://f9cbcije1gqvsp38yxohoarf7a.hop.clickbank.net/
  2. hi guys i found some page which shows how to make android app ur own and and place to market. can check it out. im already trying to make one silly game :) http://417f58ql-dw-wvc4y7m8udfocn.hop.clickbank.net/
  3. anybody who has tried please write some comments :)
  4. memojhan

    Samsung Galaxy s Plus i9001

    same in finland. i just got one. works 10 times better than regular galaxy s. i mean my old galaxy s was terrible on 2.3 firmware. but galaxy s plus is really fast. but galaxy s used to spend battery mostly for screen, but this new one spends most of the batter for system and so on. screen is on the last grade which use battery
  5. memojhan

    android 2.3.4 reviews

    hi guys can you let us know what is ur first impressions about galaxy s 2.3.4 bucause i remember that 2.3.3 or 2.3.2 wasnt fast as 2.2.1 internet was too slow and phone was also slower. so what you think about 2.3.4 updating from samfirmware or romkitchen? does everything work perfectly or still slower than 2.2.1... thanks a lot for everybody
  6. i also flashed. results are not that good. internet works soo slow. mobile went extra slow.. dont knwo uses too much ram. i wanted to flash old firmwares back. i couldnt get success. basicly i am stuck with the gingerbread.
  7. have u flashed it??? if u did how is the situation with the sgs and firmware...
  8. memojhan

    GT i9000 (UK): Boot Loop [SOLVED]

    hey try this one. i had the same problem with my galaxy s. and i tried and everything fine now. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=785201 read it carefully and follow the instractions. u need to install adb thing which explains in the link. thanks
  9. dont remmeber at the moment dude. i flashed it again with the romkitchen combination of my own. for sure u can choose there languages most of the scandinavian and baltic langages, at learst norway finnish danish swedish. and baltic estonian latvian litvanian.. there are more. those are what i remember, and also u can use gps fix from romkitchen.really fixes. i removed lots of ponitless apps away which comes with samfirmware firmwares.mobile works quite fine. u can also try
  10. it doesnt work and crashes. any ideas how to make it work?
  11. PDA : I9000XWJS3 PHONE : I9000XXJPY CSC : I9000XENJS3 Build Info : 2011.01 and also extra languages added on this firmware which i needed. baltic and scandinavian...
  12. hey guys back again. i used my sgs with this firmware for a while and keep trying all the apps and switching off-on and i think sgs works faster with this firmware. at least after switch off -on pin code typing works faster. when i type it appears on the screen. before it was appearing 1-2 seconds later or something. and after pin typing screen lock works immediatly. before firmwares it needed some time to allow screen lock . about gps i used this combination on the link http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/how-to...lair-and-froyo/ and now works good and sensitive. thats all. if anybody else tries the firmware let us know if u can recognise anything + or - thanks and stay cool...
  13. work great. quadrant is around 1100. baseband version is i9000xjpy and build number froyo.xwjs3 ;) check it out guys...
  14. I9000XWJS3 is just came to samfirmware. i am going to flash it and gonna comment back ;)

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