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  1. Hmm well A while back like summer time I got a pirat3d version and used for like 5mins then got rid of it, but that's all that I can think of!
  2. Hey guys, trying to buy ADWLauncher EX as its on offer for 10p! But it says it has already been purchased when it hasn't and when I try to install it it says 'the downloads of adw launcher ex was declined because you haven't purchased it. Dont know what's going on, also tried on tablet and other ROM'S (so its a account thing not phone) any ideas guys? <br style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 15px; text-align: left; "> Thanks <br style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 15px; text-align: left; "> Jamie
  3. Oh haven't been on here in ages. hmm update,,,, Well in the half term I had major probs with it not charging at all and since then it seems to of gotten better, after a day of texting/tweeting/emails and alsorts it's normally about 25% but I always charge via the original charger, tried in PC and had exact problems :/ but it's better but still not great EDIT: forgot to say that it's going downhill due to a lot and I mean a lot of cracks in the back cover, so I've got a case but it always seems to lockup if locking/unlocking too quickly for a good few mins. :/ tried wiping data etc and start again but still does it
  4. Hey Guys Long time no talk! Been busy. Have problems with the SF, as well as constant blips requiring restarts, my battery wont last a good 5-7hours, recently i've been needing data always on but I didn't know it'd cause such a serious drop, but since then it's been downhill. Today it wouldn't charge past 30% and was supposedly charging at 0mA's , and stayed like this for a hour or two, I've swapped batterys with my father and it's made no difference all I have on is data and brightness on lowest setting. My battery seems lighter (in weight) than my fathers Could it be the battery or the phone's charging circuit? I've updated to the latest CM7 Nightly and tried the CM7 Stable release with no help. Hoping to get a new phone soon anyway but I still need it till then. Any Idea's or Anyone else in my shoooe's? Thanks Jamie
  5. Hey guys, Haven't got a Monte Carlo but a Blade Was thinking of getting Monte Carlo until I went into a Orange store only to be told it was being discontinued and that a Orange San Francisco 2 Would replace it. Jamie.
  6. I Think if it gets to bad i'll either ask orange for a new one but they prob. wouldn't give me another one
  7. Hey, Widget Locker was the first app I've brought, the rest are freeware ones, but I've found a problem if you set it up with widgets &that well when you reboot they're all gone, apparently it's a common problem with CM7 RC- Any rc but Im not on CM7 RC- :S Anyone else had this problem or got a solution? Thanks Jamie
  8. Or take the apk out of the rom from the rom section.
  9. This has been talked about before somewhere else...
  10. Hey, Has anyone had any problems with the paint chipping off their Blade(s)? I've got loads come off by the bottom where the "back door" is where the opening bit is and also on some corners. I'm not exactly heavy handed and haven't dropped it apart from in gravel once a while back. Any one else with this? Jamie.
  11. Hey, How can you change the default timeout from 120 seconds to No Limited time? tried the main.conf (something like that) in /ect/Bluetooth but it hasn't changed. Any Idea's? Jamie.
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