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  1. 109android

    Oh dear, stuck on "Powered by Android"

    Hi Im on the stock rom latest update and have never modded the phone but i'm stuck in a boot loop "powered by android" I followed some of the advice above (holding the power down and when it goes black, release and quickly press power and up button) - which seemed to bring me to recovery menu. Can anyone kindly instruct me on what i need to do to get up and running again, and link me to the right downloads? point to note - the phone doesnt remain in recovery for more than 20 seconds, it returns to its boot loop! I've not tried selecting any options since i don't know what files to flash on to it
  2. 109android

    Vodafone store inventory checker

    Sweet. No brainer at £110. Best value (UK sourced, UK warranty) phone anywhere close to its price range IMO
  3. 109android

    Vodafone store inventory checker

    Not sure if metioned previously but its also readily available in larger Asda stores. Available for click and collect from their website - http://groceries.asda.com/asda-webstore/landing/home.shtml#/product/910002056613
  4. Can't believe i've not thrown phone out of the nearest window over the least couple hours. If anyone does hardlock their phone, here's what finally fixed it: 1. Download 'San Francisco II SD card upgrading instruction & software' from this post - which is basically a stock TPT image with a stock rom included, directly from ZTE. TPT the image file 2. Unlock the phone - see this tutorial
  5. So - thought i'd wait it over the weekend and hope for an experienced opinion - is there's any fix for this network hard lock? If not, i'm planning on trying to TPT the image with cache 20mb system 200mb userdata 220mb (from this thread), cant seem to find a working link to an unbranded stock ROM?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion :) . I came across that thread, and thought i'd ask before i tried something that drastic (seems like something to try as a last resort). Especially since i have no idea if that would fix the network hard lock either
  7. Hope someone can point me in the right direction please, I've searched and found no solution to this exact problem. A family member has an Orange San Francisco 2, original stock rom, not been unlocked. She tried to put in a non-orange sim several times, and has (as far as i can tell) "Hard locked" the phone. When booting the phone i'm asked for 'SIM network unlock pin', no calls can be made. ​Contacted orange, however the phone has passed warranty limit, so ZTE refuse to fix. Is there any way to reset this phone, or unlock it, so an orange sim can be used again? Note: I've tried to follow some of the unlock threads, but i'm unable to switch to USB debug mode because i cannot enter any of the phone menu's. I can connect the phone to PC in USB file transfer mode (view microSD storage, transfer files). I do not have clockwork installed either (rather i have no idea how to get that installed with USB debugging mode unavailable)
  8. Bought mine the same, very good deal. Note - failed to apply the code on my account due to being an existing customer. Works fine for new accounts (family member in my case). Phones in and out of stock pretty often, selling very well it seems
  9. 109android

    Aargggh. confused help

    Im in the same positiona s Carlsberg above. Flashed to a custom Modaco 2.1 R2 ROM last year and have'nt tried changing it since. The sticky threads are useful, as are the previous posts in this thread. My reason for posting in the "Aaargh confused help" ( ) thread is that i have no idea which ROM to try. From what i gathered from the last week of reading, its been advised that its good to try CM7 first, and then other ROMs such as GSF CAE etc. Theres the thing, i have no idea what version of CM7 i should be try (i know, its been asked before). Heres what i know (i think!): "stable" releases are not necessarily stable Nightly releases can be brokenTheres a RC1 release i could try from BWAW, inn the inclusive package (Gen1-Gen2 TPT with included CM7 ROM) - this RC1 was released 27th JuneRoms can behave very differently handset to handset, diff bugs/probs Anyone help/advise me on which CM7it might be best to try?
  10. Will anyone be kind enough to find me an ebay link (or an other source) to a correct screw driver for the job? I've gathered that a pozidrive (or phillips) driver can be used but i cant for the life of me be sure im ordering the right size - this 'gauge' scale has my mind spinning :) Will this do? Ebay - 00 Phillips Screwdrivers Magnetic
  11. Have a look at this - http://www.appbrain.com/app/virtual-trackb...irtualtrackball Not sure if helps whilst texting though. Not a free app, but they do say google is your friend ;-)

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