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  1. Holy s***, this is pretty damn awesome! I haven't been on MoDaCo for years and now I find this. KonstaT, I remember your work back on the Blade, so happy to see you working on one of the tablets I currently own! Keep it up! Of course, Nougat with Multiwindow is the ultimate dream here!
  2. Happy Birthday dude! The internet will always be there for you :D Have fun, cheers, Alex
  3. I recommend you flash a tpt of your stock ROM. Not only is it easy to flash with a broken screen, but it also removed your custom recovery.
  4. If you really want a new phone, then save up and get a SGS. Its a great phone. Currently I have it and the Skate, and I must say the Sgs runs super smooth, especially compared to the Skate. I can run current games like mc3 quite well, and Ithink the 3gs doesent even support them!
  5. Yes, it worked. I made the fix and your kernel into 1 flashable .zip. Just flash it to fix the touchscreen on cm9. http://d-h.st/bHn All credits go to you and tilal
  6. well, I'll gloadly test anything. I also made a logcat of boot for tilal. Would that help you?
  7. Well, the blade is gone, traded it for the Skate. Updated my Devices so thats clear.
  8. ok, also please notice im using a different kernel with different touchscreen drivers so that my touchscreen works. Sorry it took so long, I had a problem settimg up my adb mylogfile.txt
  9. YAY! It works! You should make a separate thread for those kernels!!!
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