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  1. Does that mean that theoretically the Nexus 7 can support MHL?
  2. Just tried it and I got an error message: 'Your current payment method is not valid'. So I guess not :/
  3. Thanks for this Paul :) Will seriously consider donating for the Kitchen!
  4. You can get it from HMV for £189.99 with a code: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nexus-google-tablet-7-16gb-android-tablet-google-189-99-hmv-with-code-includes-15-1264183 but don't know what the quidco or topcashback percentage is
  5. Unfortunately the blade doesn't really have the power to play those games at their best. Thats why they don't put it on their website.
  6. Thats not true because they took 'AMOLED' off the description. And now it is in all caps.
  7. Wow your probably the first person who has requested that lockscreen. It laggs like hell :D
  8. I can host :D I'm currently hosting free for people. I have about 30 domains setup and the bandwidth is at 0.3% :P I have more than enough storage for your roms.
  9. Can you post the 2.1 FlashLite that you are using?
  10. Have you tried taking it out and putting it back in again :D
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