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  1. I would think of versal: port kernel drivers from kernel 3.0. As you perfectly know, our kernel is still 2.6.35 with YOUR KGSL module.
  2. yea, kernel is pretty same, but with patched graphics driver.
  3. Was. Ох, напишите уже по-русски..
  4. dart_zlobus We need libril.so source suitable for gb. Also netmgrd to verify that problem is related to it.
  5. we may achieve something like that? I've already described what's needed.
  6. Dart_Zlobus давайте раз и навсегда объясню: нужна опенсурсная libril, для посылки AT команды с нее напрямую, минуя проприетарную хрень что наплодили асер с квалком. У асера она закрытая, вот если кто найдет открытый аналог - дело другое. Схему RIL итак знаю - все упирается в проприетарку/ядро. directly? Do you want uncontrolled invisible connection? I don't think so. Another time: there's lesser chance that it's kernel - more possibly it's a deal of libraries.
  7. sure. The only one cmd should be applied. And as we seen, it should be applied from libril, not from terminal. That's why we stopped: libril is proprietary..
  8. that's great and powerful acer bro :D I've no time to work on MT,even if it wasn't dead.
  9. Dart_Zlobus there's lesser chance that with ported 3.0 kernel data and camera will work. I more rely on libril mod, which for now is proprietary and can't be changed to AOSP that easily.
  10. ppp.. not our case. good for newbies, but not helping with data fix. I bet there is a problem in proprietary part/kernel to bypass proprietary you'd need to send AT command somehow.
  11. stiwyfigfexx don't worry, nothing actually changed :P
  12. we are modifying near the libcamera components as aforementioned is proprietary. Also there are some opensource libcamera implementations we may use. Also logcat is great to dig into some proprietary crap if they were stupid enough to leave logs on it :P it is, but for example they may add one argument to the method, or even redefine it. In case of adding system-wide hardware acceleration support and has been almost fully rewritten.
  13. you need to port gingerbread libskiagl lib to ics which doesn't have it. But ics does have different libskia, which is now got hardware acceleration support so all the api were rewritten, hence we can't just put gb lib to ics. use source, Luke :P nearest devices have incompatible with our libs. Desire z for example has 2.2 camera hal, as well as huawei ideos x5. We have caf gb camera hal, which is quite proprietary. We also have 2.2 hal, but it needs kernel mods to make it work at last on gb.
  14. the only thing that really does exist is cm9. Nobody still tried cm10 one, partially coz of me :P (read thread). to learn more about development and stuff on cm, read this http://wiki.cyanogen...g/w/Development, when that knowledge base didn't exist I used one of the guides they listed in device section, for example this one http://wiki.cyanogen...uild_for_maguro. For device tree of cm9 use my github https://github.com/N..._device_acer_a4, it does have some instructions to get you started. Also possibly you'll need gingerbread source, as porting would start here. I maybe have a solution for camera problem(at last we'd get more here), but it needs porting one little lib - libskiagl.so. The main problem is, it is written for gb, and skia API changed, so it should be actually rewritten to comply both worlds - serve damn acer libcamera.so and be compatible with ics. Unfortunately I have no time and device to do so.
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