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  1. SwiftDroid 2.0 RC1 was out a few days ago, but I updated this topic today. Check the first post.
  2. fdespotovski

    Phone randomly turns off

    Try flashing a different rom like greendroid and elegance swift. They are both great 2.1 roms and you can find them on xda developers forum.
  3. fdespotovski

    gt540 is dead HELP

    If your phone is completely bricked, then take it to your local warranity store. Just don't tell them how you bricked your phone. They will accept it and will repair it. This may take longer than you expect.
  4. fdespotovski

    bit of a problem...

    Maybe your APN settings are not configured. Try reconfiguring your APN settings. I don't think KDZ is the real problem here.
  5. Well, try making a nandroid backup with clockwork recovery.That will backup your data (and everything else) on your sd card.
  6. Try this: - Boot your phone into fastboot mode - Connect it to your PC - Open up cmd and type in order 1. cd C:\YOURDIRECTORY\android-sdk-windows\tools 2. fastboot -w 3. fastboot erase system 4. fastboot erase boot 5. fastboot flash boot boot.img 6. fastboot flash system system.img 7. fastboot -w (again) 8. fastboot reboot If that doesn't solve your problem, try going back on SwiftDroid 2.0 M6.
  7. It may be in the main zip file where the update.zip is stored.
  8. SwiftDroid 2.0 RC0 is out! Check the third post!
  9. I put this tip in the third post. :P
  10. Thanks for the info!If I test it maybe I will put it in the third post. :P
  11. SwiftDroid 2.0 M6 is out!Check the first post!
  12. fdespotovski

    Confused as hell

    Fastboot is not needed for installing clockwork.
  13. ................................... I post this things to keep my topic on the top.
  14. fdespotovski

    Im a Noob How to Install 2.3??

    Chill out man, you don't have to be offensive.

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