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  1. so is it confirmed that H264 high profile mp4 works on this? (i want to buy this phone)
  2. Browser feels smoother than ics already!! Its amazing how talented you devs are, and I'm thankful for your hard work.
  3. hello I need to get new headphones for this phone. However i have had other headphones that imply dont work (ones with mics, and others the headphones slip out way too frequently!) Im buying them in Argos instore, and my budget is about £20. Any ideas of headphones that work well? i had skulcandy jibs before that worked well btw :)
  4. Hello, sorry to bring this back up, however I've tried everything! I can't get any mp4 or h.264 files to work. Tried stock player, rockplayer, mobo etc .. tried cm7,ss7,miui all gingerbread. Tried hw / sw decoding and overclocking. Please tell me how to play them, (480p files btw)
  5. Im not wanting 720p, all I want is 480p mp4 :)
  6. Im using Swedish Snow 7, and used gallery, videos, and quickpic. I keep getting "sorry, this video cannot be played" will it work on cm7? Thankyou for your detailed answer!
  7. 134 views, and 1 reply... someone help please :(
  8. Doesn't show up on play store, so I downloaded an apk. But it keeps crashing instantly. Can u suggest anything else please?
  9. Hey firstly I'm not being overly ambitious and wanting to play 720p mp4 videos, most of the are about 480p. As you have noticed lots of torrents are now in mp4 rather than avi (which worked perfectly) I have attempted to use many apps such as 'rockplayer' 'moboplayer' 'mx player' and 'daroon' all of which lag so much that its unplayable both on hw & sw decoding. Any apps or suggestions on how to play mp4 files or is it impossible? (I can't be bothered to convert each file btw) thanks a lot for any help!!
  10. well hopefully there will be progress to make this rom even better, hope we can finally get the files to make hardware decoding possible for arm6 soon :)
  11. looks nice, hope this will get updates and not just ignored.. downloading, then testing! :)
  12. quick question also, can this phone easily run 720p MP4 movies? i cunnently own a zte blade and that struggles with 480p mp4! simple yes or no please :P
  13. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=18548861#post18548861 install the zip and it may work on your phone. also this link has ics wallpapers..
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