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  1. I've just found a little bug in this. I was setting up my system and it got to the part where you enter your google account details, from there I went into the keyboard settings (held down the audio typing button) to turn off the clicking sound on keypress and now there's no way to back out of the options (unless I'm missing something). Not a major problem, and I guess it only happens if you go into keyboard settings during the setup process, but maybe it's fixable?
  2. Hans Gruber


    Just to add to my last past. I'm not 100% that the second pop-up came from this site. So possibly not an issue, it might just have been a coincidence that it popped up straight after the Newsblock ad and came from somewhere else. I've not seen it since.
  3. Hans Gruber


    I just got some dodgy looking popups in the Nexus 4 forum. First one was some adverts that I closed (didn't pay much attention to what it was) followed by one of those fake "we have detected a virus on your pc, click here to install something far worse" type things. Firefox slowed to a crawl and I had to close it in Task Manager. edit: The first popup was something called "Newsblocks" or some such.
  4. Looks good, can't wait :) The vast majority of us really appreciate all the work being done by everyone involved in making this rom, so keep up the good work.
  5. Has anyone else noticed the GPS icon randomly start flashing and not stopping until a reboot? I've had this a couple of times and I'm not sure if it's CM9 causing it or some rogue app. I don't think I had it before flashing R3 but I'm not positive on that.
  6. Looks to be a fairly substantial amount of stuff in that zip so it could have a few fixes in there
  7. I may be clutching at straws but if I had to guess at an answer it would be "when it's ready to be released"
  8. I don't know where trusted reviews is getting £100 sim-free from as Engadget has posted the full press release and they only mention Talk Talk contracts http://www.engadget.com/2012/11/24/huawei-ascend-g-330-lands-on-uk-shores-through-talktalk/ Unless Huawei has told them different I think that price may be slightly wishful thinking
  9. It doesn't sound entirely sim-free to me if you have to sign up for Talk Talk. Maybe just a badly worded article?
  10. I guess that's good news but it sounds a little like all they've done is fix the dictionary
  11. I've seen it once since flashing R2. It looked as though the text was trying to spin backwards, if that makes sense.
  12. Oh wow, no lockup when turning on wifi any more! Great work everyone involved
  13. So are there different wifi chips in this phone? How come it works for some and not others?
  14. Is there any information we can give you to help narrow it down?
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